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Verifying is the act of checking whether some assertion is true. For example, email verification involves sending a test message which the user must respond to in order to prove that the email address is the correct one.

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mobile input feedback design pattern

I am creating email verification in IOS and want to assist the user with verifying they have entered the correct email address before sending confirmation. Some app use an instant input feedback with ...
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Are age verification banners effective?

I'm curious as to whether or not these Age Verification banners that appear on some sites are really "effective". That is to say, do these really help to deter/prevent users that are underage from ...
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How to provide good mobile phone number verification? [closed]

I'd like to know if there is a way to achieve a good user experience when a user's profile contains a mobile number which needs to be verified via SMS. The examples I have explored had the mobile ...
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Adoption rate of Phone Verification in Sign Up form?

Of late we could see Phone Verification method is used in account registration forms so as to prove one is not a robot (e.g., Google signup form). So how popular is it's adoption rate? And how much it ...
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Confirmation screen after e-mail verification part of multi step process or not?

I am designing a multistep proces that nicely shows the user which step he is in. Between the second to last and the last step the user needs to click on a confirmation link send via e-mail. My ...
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confirm email or email verification later?

I have a registration form, name, email, password. I also offer the Facebook connection and in the future all other Open ID ways but for now I would focus on the regular process: Currently, I require ...
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Positive / Negative impacts of physical address verification systems on online form UX

Address verification systems validate a user provided address against a database of known addresses, usually provided by Postal services. An example can be seen at
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