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Verifying is the act of checking whether some assertion is true. For example, email verification involves sending a test message which the user must respond to in order to prove that the email address is the correct one.

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4 answers

confirm email or email verification later?

I have a registration form, name, email, password. I also offer the Facebook connection and in the future all other Open ID ways but for now I would focus on the regular process: Currently, I require ...
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Automated way to verify user identity

Whats the best way to get people to verify their identity for the purpose of preventing fake accounts on a social site. For example, Zoosk does the following: Members who choose to verify their ...
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33 votes
10 answers

Is there an easier and more user friendly alternative to CAPTCHA?

I'm working on setting up a CAPTCHA on a project, and just thought about the user experience of it. I personally find them tedious, especially if they're too difficult. Even these are pretty easy ...
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Email address as username--how to reduce incidence of bad entry

I work on a web app that requires users to complete a form for registration including their email address. The form has to be approved by a human before an account is created. The email address is ...
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92 votes
18 answers

Are age verification banners effective?

I'm curious as to whether or not these Age Verification banners that appear on some sites are really "effective". That is to say, do these really help to deter/prevent users that are underage from ...
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Is it necessary to verify a user's email address?

It's pretty much a fact that users hate having to open a new tab, go to their email service, log in, wait for the email to arrive and then click a link/paste a code. Is it really necessary to do this ...
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