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Too much content for an accordion?

I'm working on an interface with a product list. I'm wondering what is the best way to show these label value pairs. I know the label should be emphasized since, the users will be looking for that and ...
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Useful UI themes that add value

I am trying to research content about UI themes that add value. Normally this is associated with vanity customization, but I find certain themes quite useful. A high contrast theme is valuable for ...
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Select value A, value B, or both [duplicate]

i'm having this form on a mobile app where i need users to select either: value A, value B or both. it's bit of a and/or selection issue. For now I think of the very basic solution, but wondered ...
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How to inform the user that some data will change value after they hit 'Save' button?

I am designing an accounting page where user can: Select item they bought and add the quantity Then system will auto-populate other fields of the item such as item code and amount User click 'Save ...
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Copy Value From Cell in Column A to Column B And Vice Versa

I don't know how to exactly describe the Problem with words. I hope it is self-explanatory what the UI does. I can think of two variants of the Copy-Arrows. I am looking for User-Studies or at least ...
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What is the best way to clear text inside a text box?

Usually When using expandable text boxes there isn't a way to clear them unless having a reset button underneath which won't work very well when displaying information in a grid. What do you think is ...
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What is the best way to set two rating value in a web based application?

I'm working on a web based application, so it will be used on desktop and mobile devices. The problem is, that I'm looking for the best way to make a user set their ratings to a goal (a baseline and a ...
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Option to select a range and fixed values

Im currently designing the UI for a event tool. When the user is creating an event he has the option to select the amount of people needed for this event. He should be able to define a range (e.g. "...
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How to arrange elements in a row with two distinct values?

I'm currently designing a CRM, and am wondering how to place a specific piece of contingent information in the table section. As you can see in the attached snapshot, the top row is slightly different ...
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What to show in the input field when multiple items are selected?

What should I show in an input field that has different values? I will try to be more specific: Lets say I have a table like the one below. And let's say I want to change the nationality of Karen and ...
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Event/ticket price ordering

I'm having a debate with a client about the ordering of prices on their event poster. They'd like to display the concessionary price first (£12), followed by the standard price (£14) and finally the ...
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A new type of 'social proof' for websites based on subsequent user actions/activities

BACKGROUND (feel free to skip): Back in the beginning of the internet site counters were popular for administrators to provide an indication of the number of people that visit the website (there were ...
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What is Unique Value Proposition in UX Design? [closed]

What is Unique Value Proposition? And what role does it play in User Experience design?
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What to avoid when adding the slogan/value proposition to the logo to reinforce branding?

A quick review of some websites shows some different strategies for implementing the logo and 'slogan', and I was wondering if there is a discrepancy between implementation or technical considerations ...
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How to determine the value of design

Often times, elements in a design are relatively easy to implement (such as changing the color of a button, or updating an error message). However, there are other times when implementing a new ...
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Do you still mark prefilled input fields as required?

I'm creating a form in which a user downloads an analytics report. There are multiple fields that are technically required for submission, but we prefill certain fields so that it's less work for ...
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How do I provide value to my email subscribers without just duplicating content from my site?

I started a site about two years ago to aggregate free kindle ebooks from Amazon and display them in a Pinterest-like fashion. It was just a little weekend project, as I had a new job and wanted to ...
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Is a star rating more user-friendly and valuable than a simple up/down vote model? [duplicate]

Which rating mechanism do users find more valuable in a scenario where the user is looking for an article in a Knowledge-Base where there are multiple articles that cover a single topic? Is a 5-star ...
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Removing Value Proposition from Registration Form

Are there any sources out there that shows the benefits in removing the value proposition from registration. I remember reading an article a while back about this, but can't remember the source. I ...
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