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Has eye-tracking for UX ever been validated as a research method?

This article: Eyetracking: Is It Worth It? :: UXmatters, reminded of just how much nonsense is abundant in the UX research field. I realized that I had been taking eye-tracking for granted as an ...
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Information Architecture for complex sites - how to sitemap?

I have a question about a more complex information architecture. A website with a lot of content and over 1000 pages is being redesigned. My task is to create a sitemap. The aim is to remove duplicate ...
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UX Research: Tree Test with profile picture menu

I would like to do a Tree Test for a site (using but one of the nodes in my tree would be a profile picture in the top right of the screen that clicks open to reveal a menu. It's ...
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How can we measure meaning in both our organization and competition?

This question is about Meaningful UX or the Meaning Model. It's not about meaning in the sense of dialectics and semiotics. For those who don't know, please see ...
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In atomic UX research, how do you document multiple instances of the same Fact?

For context, I'm referring to Daniel Pidcock's idea of Atomic Research. What happens if multiple users make the same comment? For example, if 5 users all say "I wish this button was easier to ...
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How many months should we track and collect data before analyzing it after rolling out a new feature?

I'm a solo product designer, and this is my first time to create and apply UX metrics and KPIs in our product as well as doing UX research. So far, our company doesn't have a budget yet to hire an ...
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How to not skew results from usability research?

I wanted to take my class design project up a notch by getting my designs in front of some users through an unmoderated usability test. Because of the platform I used for the test, I could only make ...
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Brainstorming alone

In the ideate phase of my case study, I'm facing a challenge during the brainstorming part because I'm working alone. I would like to know if there is a method suitable for solo ideation. If so, which ...
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Sticky, non Sticky CTAs, or both? How to involve UX Research?

I'm looking for the right UX research method to test 3 CTA cases for a booking application: 1)sticky CTAs 2)non-sticky CTAs (requires scroll) 3)both practices (depending on the purpose of each screen) ...
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Two People screen sharing in MS Teams

Is there any references that anyone knows or has done research on why the applications like teams or webex do not allow two people to share the screen at the same time ? Eg: I am sharing my screen to ...
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Should UX researchers provide design recommendations?

I'm a fairly new UXR. Recently, I created a presentation deck with recommendations after testing a website. Before presenting I ran the deck by a friend who told me my recommendations might be too ...
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What is the best way to collect the relevant fields for a UI screen?

I understand that most of this data comes from the user story/use case/PRD etc. But how do we make sure that the fields (KPIs/Status/Properties/Charts etc) that we display are the ideal ones for the ...
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