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Card Prioritization

I am currently in the card sorting phase and I would appreciate your expertise regarding my case study on a cosmetics ingredient verification application. The priorities of the team behind the ...
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Brainstorming alone

In the ideate phase of my case study, I'm facing a challenge during the brainstorming part because I'm working alone. I would like to know if there is a method suitable for solo ideation. If so, which ...
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3 answers

What are some common UX Design and Problem solving frameworks/checklists?

Are there any standard checklists or frameworks for UX Problem Solving? EDIT: I realize there's no one-size fits all, but looking for a starting point. Might not do all of the steps, but might ...
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What are the risks of doing only in-depth interviews and surveys for user research?

I work at a very small, very scrappy software company as the only UX Researcher. There is such a huge need for information and a very fast pace of product development, so the easiest thing to do is ...
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Selecting the right user testing method for mobile app

We have a mobile app for different platforms. And now we want to improve the UX and UI. Due to the security policy, we cannot install analytic tools. I'm thinking of options we have to measure our ...
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Which is the best way to ask for address history for credit checks

The current approach for understanding your address history for credit checks is by asking for how long you lived at particular addresses for the past x (depending on legal requirements) years. I've ...
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What are some advanced techniques of UX Competitor Analysis?

What are some advanced techniques of UX Competitor Analysis and what is the number of competitors that must be analyzed to have relevant results and get enough data to create a solid product? Also, ...
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