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Questions relating to the general UX field, such as career, academic aspects, its relation to other fields and disciplines, and other topics that relate to the field as a whole.

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How do I determine an appropriate UX design hourly rate for my location? [closed]

I'm a Senior-to-Lead level UX designer in New York City, who recently decided to go freelance. I since have decided on hourly and daily rates, but was wondering what others consider a fair fare given ...
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So are there "standards" for UX?

I'm establishing a new UX unit in our organization, and whenever I try to introduce something, I get asked about "standards". You know, questions like "So do you have any standards that you based this ...
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Hiring Web Designer/Usability Expert - What should I be looking for? [closed]

I work for a small data management/warehousing company that also focuses heavily on web applications. We are looking to "beautify" our existing web apps into something along the lines of or ...
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What's the best way to find candidates for UX Designer? [closed]

Beyond the obvious (posting on LinkedIn, Craigslist), what techniques have you found to be the most successful in finding good UX candidates to hire?
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As a programmer, how do I move into User Experience Design? [closed]

I've been a developer for over 6 years, mainly working in the web context, and generally distributed applications, services, and also front-facing apps. I got into programming originally through ...
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