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Concerns and thoughts about being a UX Designer. This is an abstract tag. It may not directly be linked to a specific problem. It caters to being a UX designer and the career aspects of it.

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What UX designers tools do you use? [closed]

What tools are you using when creating a great user experience for mobile apps or websites? I don't mean Mac/PC software like Axure or Balsamiq. I mean paper/pen tools. Do you use papers with mobile ...
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What's a healthy relationship with your web developers? [closed]

This is always something that's interested me. I've sat at both sides of the table. I've been the developer who has had a first look at designs after they've been sold to the business, only to have ...
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How detailed can/should I go with the Android OS in terms of design? [closed]

I am working on designing my very first Android app for tablets and I wanted to know what all should I know before even opening PS or other programs to design? The current app that I'm redesigning ...
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Which of this scenarios are better from Scrum Teams?

I manage a team who develop a Web-based CRM. We are trying to introduce a UX Designer to this project, but I don't know the best approach to do that. I have two proposals, and I'm leaning more towards ...
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how to handle a designer when a design looks bad / getting the best landing page design from a new designer

I have done web / mobile dev and produce management for ~ 15 years so I'm familiar with design process etc... I usually work with this one designer but he's full time now and out of the area. I saw ...
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What is the true defintion of a UX Designer?

I often see job listing with UX Designer/Developer. Sometimes just UX Designer. I want to know following things: What is the true definition of a UX designer? And why it is sometimes both designer ...
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Should the UX designer lead or be led? [closed]

Considering that a UX designer is often required to carry out different roles within a UX team, does it also imply that a UX designer need to play multiple team roles. I find this rather conflicting ...
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A simplified version of UX designer competencies

I have been asked before about describing my role as a UX architect, and I was thinking about the background of people working in UX design as being either graphic/visual design, software engineering/...
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Is the Agile Manifesto based on UX philosophies (or vice versa)?

Looking at the statements in the agile manifesto, it seems to reflect user-centered design principles quite well. With a few very minor wording changes, it would probably work for a UX manifesto. I ...
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