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Concerns and thoughts about being a UX Designer. This is an abstract tag. It may not directly be linked to a specific problem. It caters to being a UX designer and the career aspects of it.

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The coding monkey dilemma

This is a quotation from an interview with a practitioner with a technical background and role: Developers are all smart people; they don't enjoy their work if somebody tells them this is what you ...
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Is it crucial for a UX designer to understand the principles and concepts behind Object Oriented Programming?

As a designer and sometimes coder myself, I have been exposed to the idea and principles behind Object Oriented Programming, and having a knowledge in this area definitely helps when it comes to ...
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Selecting age between 6 and 18

I've got a reasonably simple requirement but can't come up with any appealing ways of presenting it to the user. To meet the requirement, the user has to be able to choose 1 or more age groups, ...
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Difference between low fidelity and high fidelity prototypes

What are the unique qualities that distinguish one type from the other? How and when should I use each to use them properly?
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What's the best practice for closing modal dialogs?

I have been looking around at different modal dialogs, and wondered about the best way to let the user close it. Clearly, the X has become a standard user expectation to close the window. Clearly the ...
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Standard method for communication and documentation for business analysts, designers and developers

I have been working on a personal project to standardize the way that business analysts, designers and developers communicate in projects about the problems and solutions that they have to solve. Even ...
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Is the Agile Manifesto based on UX philosophies (or vice versa)?

Looking at the statements in the agile manifesto, it seems to reflect user-centered design principles quite well. With a few very minor wording changes, it would probably work for a UX manifesto. I ...
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what exactly do UX Designer mean in the web design field?

What I mean by this question is how can a person be an UX designer just by making a STATIC high fidelity mockup on a piece of software like "Photoshop" or "Sketch" or whatever. Does not the words "...
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Should "search" in a large data table search item's values that aren't in the table?

So I currently have a data table where the headers are fully customizable (i.e. the user can decide which headers to keep in the table and which to remove). The issue is, the search bar currently only ...
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Search Results in a TreeTable

I Have a TreeTable where groups of itens are organized by categories, as you can see on the image bellow. What is the best approach to present the list of results taking into account that is ...
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In one line of a dropdown menu, how can I show that an item is disabled with an icon?

So I have a list of groups, but these groups are dependent on the model you selected. In this image, Group 1 is disabled because I have selected model b (not shown) and Group 1 is only for model A. I ...
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