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Hotjar clicks outside of the application

I use hotjar for my products and sometimes we have unsual behavior that is always repeated (ex: user clicking in an empty part of the screen). Does this happens because hotjar is recording clicking ...
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Is this enough to convince clients to pay for Hotjar?

In our agency we'd like to convince our clients to let us install a visitor-tracking tool (Hotjar) on the e-commerce shops that we create for them. It would be beneficial for both sides, we would see ...
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How to measure scroll-able cards?

We are creating a news app, which provides short news. For this, we have used google's material cards which are scroll-able and tabs for categories. Our main concern is how to track these cards ...
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Purpose of Screen Recording

I am conducting a usability test of my web application for my research. It's a one-page analytical dashboard. The question is, will I get any useful data from screen recording during the test? ...
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Phone calls tracking: is it a good idea to replace the phone number by a CTA?

I'm working on a landing page for a private taxi. The desired action on this page is to make a phone call. Now, there's a big phone number and a small script to track the clics on it. That works well ...
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Should an application warn when it is used excessively?

I am interested in a particular class of warnings, but I don't know what to call them. The warnings are generated by tracking a user's specific usage patterns, and warns them when continued use of the ...
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Should a user be informed if their Do Not Track request is honoured?

In recent years all major browsers have added support for the HTTP Do Not Track (DNT) header. The user is able to configure their browser to send the header with all HTTP requests to a web server, ...
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