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The best usability for accepting an address from a user

Let us assume that there is no feature for an autocomplete, and that lookup's based on a zip code are not possible. The usual UI for an address block is usually: Apartment, house number Building name,...
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What is the value of a user profile image?

Does a user profile need to show their image? Somewhere I came to understand that this will give the user more of a feeling of personalization, but would it add any other value?
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In the main drop-down menu for a logged in user, is it actually useful to have a link to the user's own profile page?

The core question is: Is it useful for users to have easy access to their own profile page on a website or app? Do users view their own pages often enough to warrant spending navigation menu space on ...
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Designing edit profile screen

I am designing edit profile screen for android mobile app have several fields (profile pic, full name, username, intro, career, interests and etc) to filled out by the user. Possible user flows ...
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Best way to draw an app flow diagram which includes the 4 different user roles in the app

I am in the process of drawing an app flow diagram, specifically using the screenshots of the application. This specific app has 4 different user roles. Some of the screens in the application are ...
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How to avoid creepiness when suggesting profile edits in a social network?

I'm building a small social network for a specific audience and have a question about how to best leverage info provided by a user's friends to help complete a user's profile. Here's two examples: ...
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Alternative synonyms for "My Stuff" [closed]

Are there any good alternatives/synonyms for a menu item where the user can access their "stuff" or personal items? Not only their settings and personal data, but also their items, favourites, own ...
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Best place for notification preferences

Today I am working on a new feature inside our web app to allow users to set up their notification preferences. However, I am struggling to find an appropriate place to include this feature, which ...
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What is the proper way to change user email?

I could just put "Email:" field into "Edit profile" form (that is the form to edit current user information) of my site. But this way it is possible that a user both changes the email in a wrong way ...
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Team member profile vs. user's account profile

I'm developing an app where a registered user can create teams but the people on the teams don't have to be a registered user of the app. The team owner can assign group members to tasks but until ...
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Confusions with the profile visibility in a social web application

I'm designing a community website. I don't have any experience in this. My confusion is, how do I distinguish what is visible to others and user using the website? I know what should I show to the ...
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What to display on a profile page when not logged in

My site has a profile page where users can fill out fields, change their pictures, see stats about themselves, etc. Currently, if the user somehow lands on profile.html without first being logged in, ...
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Is it a good practice to use personal images as profile picture in screen design and mockups?

While designing websites and mobile apps is it a good practice to use our own picture as a dummy profile picture. We might showcase the design to clients or share the design in online communities ...
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Should user account and profile be the same page?

I am currently researching into user account pages. But the needs for the company includes components that would also associate to a user profile page (i.e more visible information, tailored content ...
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What's the difference between "account" and "profile"?

On many websites you have a settings section where you can view and edit your profile data. On others you can edit your account data. Some sites even have both. What is the difference between "...
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What's an inclusive way of asking for a user's gender and sexual orientation?

I need to ask for users' genders and sexual orientations in a normalized way that allows for filtering users on both properties (so I can't just store user-provider strings). What's the most inclusive ...
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Combining personas and profiles rather than using them separately

There are lots of articles explaining personas and user profiles separately, but not many that talk about the use of both assets together to create a more insightful and comprehensive picture of the ...
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Displaying links to other profile pages, while maintaining good white space

I am designing a profiles page for a website where the names and positions of company employees should be displayed on all profile pages for easy navigation. I do not want to put a <ul> to the ...
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