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UX Measures to protect users from phishing sites

I the last days I was thinking about possible solutions to protect your users from putting their data into forms on phishing websites and how you could warn them or "educate" them into not doing that. ...
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why must point of sale have a bill-preview on the same page as product selection?

Most of the POS system images I see from google image search on "Point of Sale' have a bill- preview section on the same screen where the products are selected. Is this driven due to user-habit of ...
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How do I improve the QR code scanning experience?

Many people see QR codes, but many people don't know how to use them since an additional app is required. Sometimes TWO apps are required such as Zxing. [2018 update: As of iOS 11, the iPhone's ...
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What works the best: User convenience or User habits?

I've noted that sometimes convenient features are too far from users' expectations or habits. For example, I've noted that uses a form without a save button and they ...
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Gaceful alternate to consistency in date entry

I am using a html5 native datepicker which does almost everything what I need, which includes Assisted keyboard operability (it jumps from month to date to year without having user enter the ...
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Asking users for proof of task completion (attestation)

I'm currently working on a project where we are integrating safety tasks around the home into an insurance platform. For a small number of these tasks, we're asking users to provide proof that they ...
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How "buy now" act as trigger and drive into loop like "Hooks model"

Recently, I was trying to understand the 4 phases of the "Hook Model". Trigger, Action, Reward & Investment. From the study, I found there is 2 main category of the trigger. Internal &...
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Why using a mobile app during a visit on Museum or historical Place [closed]

I'm a student doing a project concept work about designing an application to use on a historical place. I was researching what type of questions I would ask to potential users about using an ...
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How do we help users save money? [duplicate]

We're developing a number of banking products to help our users save more money. More importantly, we'd like our users to develop money-saving habits. I'm pretty aware that lots of people have made ...
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