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Questions tagged [user-centered-design]

User centered design (short UCD, sometimes called Human centered design) emphazises focus on end users of a product and aims to test and develop products in close interaction with users.

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30 votes
4 answers

What's the rationale behind Google's "no save" approach?

Before anything, this is something I'm seeing on several sites, not only Google, but I think it started with Google, and it's obviously the most known case. There are several UX aspects quite arguable ...
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16 answers

Is coffee a good excuse for a slow application start-up time?

I was dragged into a meeting with a client to consult on any usability issues as we watched a user performing day-to-day operations with a software application. The first thing that happened was that ...
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12 votes
3 answers

Original design choice of back and forward directions?

There are numerous of evidence around us where forward and backward directions are predetermined. As if they are a conscious choice we all know. At least this in true in left-to-right reading ...
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19 votes
3 answers

Case studies to help sell UCD

I'm looking for some nice simple stats and references to help convince potential clients of the value of UCD. Real-life case studies you can explain in one line I suppose. One of my favourites is of ...
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13 votes
2 answers

Using genders in physiologically oriented UCD

I've this problem: as a policy, we usually strive to leave out gender considerations if possible. If not possible, we use a wide range of genders . Not as extreme as Facebook, but something more ...
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7 answers

Is user experience design (UXD) equal to user centered design (UCD)?

Can user experience design (UXD) and user centered design (UCD) be considered the same? If not, how do they relate to each other and how do they differ?
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2 answers

How can I showcase my user research in an UX portfolio?

I'm a beginning in a UX field and currently building up my portfolio. In portfolio projects how do I include the research element of the UX process when I have no money to spend on formal UX research? ...
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1 vote
4 answers

How many personas should we use to design a mobile app?

I'm actually working on a mobile app. My boss asked me to focus all the design on one principal user archetype because he thinks that the way to create product interfaces and features with a strong ...
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85 votes
14 answers

Should you concede to user demands that seem clearly inferior?

Currently working on a ground-up (not just the UI) reimplementation of a whole, existing system. Because it's internal we've been able to work with its existing users during the process, and get their ...
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13 votes
5 answers

Can UCD become an agile process?

All the discussions about Agile UX relate to how we adjust UX Activities to an agile development process but I want to know how we can turn UCD in to an agile process that supports the development ...
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12 votes
4 answers

Is user centered design only about hygiene factors?

There is one thing that bothers me about UX-design. One of the shortcomings of a user centered design approach, is that it only focuses on existing needs and not on new revolutionary ideas. For ...
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9 votes
7 answers

When to use data driven personas and when to make them up?

I'm studying HCI and the focus for persona creation on my course is resolutely that personas should be derived from user research data. I also attended adaptive path's uxintensive last year and the ...
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8 votes
3 answers

Is there an intuitive way to display weeks as text?

I am working on an application where a set of data is displayed, based on a specific week. The user selects this week from a drop down box, and one of my objectives is to format the way these week ...
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4 answers

Definition of human centred quality in ISO 9241-220 separates usability and user experience, why?

ISO 9241 defines user experience as: a person's perceptions and responses that result from the use and/or anticipated use of a product, system or service. Based on this definition, we would ...
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6 votes
4 answers

Hanging panel after user Click

I'm working on a small language learning app, in which the user can: save text and audio to read and listen later click on a word to add notes and example sentences get some stats per language + ...
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5 votes
5 answers

Can Information Architects and UX Designers work as separate profiles?

I'm just very recently working as a UX Designer and loving my job but learning still a lot about it. My main focus lies with design while a large part of it is usability, which I like as well. I was ...
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4 votes
2 answers

Arranging menu or buttons in Mobile apps

if we can figure out by which hand user is using his phone so that we could arrange the menu items or buttons to the convenient side. I think if a user is using his phone by right hand then the ...
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5 answers

Best practices for long data entry forms

I'd like to know if there is some kind of best practices for this kind of form. There is a redesign project for a long data-entry form, not only for aesthetics and UX, but there are also some fields ...
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Vertical tabs to horizontal tabs [closed]

Is there any comment or best practice to use the below case I have a vertical tab of material design used in desktop version of a website portal. It is a Resposive web and when the viewport size is ...
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Professional designs and their effect on sales

Is there any evidence to suggest that a prettier more professional design results in the user trusting that site more and therefore that website results in better sales? Are there any examples of this?...
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How to evaluate the impact or satisfaction of users for user-driven design decisions?

One of the progression of user-centric design methodologies is to engage the end-users in design decisions rather than just using them as a feedback mechanism. This is supported by many common tools (...
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2 answers

User research for a product users have never used

I am designing a health tracker app for the users in my organisation and I am planning to interview users in order to understand them more. However, these users have never used such an application ...
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1 vote
1 answer

What are the best ways to show the statistics of Hours? [closed]

I found one of the good option which Google is using "Popular Times" in Google Maps for the store searched. Below is a GIF showing a quick demo: Any other idea or option can you suggest which has a ...
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Are checkbox options with hyperlink a good practice?

Is it a good practice to create checkbox options where the text beside each checkbox is a hyperlink? What should be done if hyperlinks are necessary?
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In a Verify OTP Modal Box, "verify OTP" button will be first or resend OTP link will be the first [image attached]

In the OTP(One Time Password) Verification Modal card, which will get more preference to be placed first Check the Image bellow Option 1 : Validate OTP, Button will be on Top and resend otp will be ...
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How to show advanced search in a mobile view? And also how to take a care of utilizing the space of a mobile screen?

I am trying to get a solution for the mobile version of a web layout for an advanced search which includes dropdowns, filters, checkbox and toggle buttons. I tried to get it in the responsive format ...
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