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What's the ideal hit slop to use for small devices on the sides and corners

In React Native and Apple HCI they recommend a 44px x 44px hit area at minimum. But I found that on the iPhone SE it seems a bit hard to hit on the sides and corners. Primarily because of the having ...
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What is wrong with this flowchart-matrix design?

I have an application called "Redmine-Bugtracker" with the matrix below. This permission matrix allows users to add permitted status-steps on an issue depending on the current-status of it. ...
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What is the best way to display a selected item in a scrolled side panel?

Scenario: I am looking for a banana in a super market website. But when I enter the website there is a side panel with different categories to be clicked. Let say that "fruits" are the last ...
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Imposing text limit in form without affecting old data

We have a form with fields below: Code Item Name Description When we reviewed the list of 'Code' in customer database, we noticed that the 'Code' values tends to be quite long. It seems like the ...
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Reason for difference in behaviour of autcomplete interactions in input fields

There seems to be two different schools of thought when it comes to the autocompletion of input fields and I am wondering if there is a particular reason or rationale for each. Basically, when the ...
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The best ux alternative in designing variant of a product on dashboard

I was wondering what would be the best way to display variant when a user clicks on "Add Variant". I already designed two alternatives: display it in ascending order or descending order. I have tested ...
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Expected behaviour when adding items to your 'favourites' [duplicate]

I am tweaking our current user journey for adding specific items to your 'favourites' list. The question is: if the user isn't logged in when they add an item to their 'favourites' - should they be ...
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Is it necessary to add “Any price “ option in budget category if on desktop user search with an open price range?

Image for mobile web design. Not showing any price tag as wanted to make user perform a more focused search.The most widely searched ranges are upfront.
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Running Qualitative user research on Marketing Creatives

as an e-commerce company, it's common for creatives for marketing campaigns success to be measured in terms of numbers. e.g. based on click-through rates and conversion rates. however, just numbers ...
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Why do elevators have the close doors button? [closed]

I think that the close doors button in an elevator does very little. If it works, it saves the person two seconds of their time. If time matters this much to people, why do people stand still on ...
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Tabs with long labels in constrained space

One of the pages in our enterprise desktop application, (Refer Attached Image) is divided into two sections, the right one occupies 30% of the real estate. Users are overwhelmed with information on ...
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What's the point of "live" download counters?

A friend and I have been having a giggle at Aptoide's "live" download counter which is actually just completely fake, goes up at some constant rate while you watch it and goes up or down by tens of ...
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