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"UI components" with "GUI components" with "UI/UX components"

Depending on the framework, the name of these ones (buttons, input fields and also non-interactive ones like admonition blocks) is different. I am thinking which term I need to use being the developer ...
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Should a popup button get focus when changed?

I have a window which shows a table on the left half. On the right half I display properties of the item which is selected within the table. The user can now change these properties. The properties ...
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What are some alternatives to accordions?

I need to add "next steps" at the end of a form but there are ~11 steps that I need to add. I want to use an element like an accordion where I can list all the steps but not overwhelm the ...
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What is this type of button/element called?

What is this button called? The example provided here is from AirBnB's web and is also used on mobile. It looks like an accordion, but does not expand, and instead acts like a true button. I really ...
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How to find out what a design pattern is called [closed]

When I see a design pattern that I want to study and use, how can I find out what it's called, so I can research it? For example, I came across this neumorphic ui pattern, but only stumbled on its ...
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What is the name for the single read-only element in a status bar or toolbar?

I would like to know if there is some simple name for single information unit in status bar or toolbar, in a broad context (not connected to any concrete UI framework). Concrete use-case is that I'm ...
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What's the name of this UI component?

I am looking for the general name of the component that a lot of IDEs use. Examples: Goto Anything in Sublime Quick Open in Visual Studio Code Omnibar in Blueprintjs It is usually opened with CTRL+P ...
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Is there a name for UI elements that update/change itself in the background?

For instance, Windows Live Tiles or Android's App Actions in the app drawer. For clarity, this is what FOSS Mint says about App Actions: For example, your phone will suggest your most recent ...
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What is this UI element called? A horizontal scrolling menu?

I'm talking about a horizontal scrolling menu with "left" and "right" arrows to scroll. I have been seeing this thing everywhere since I started working on a design that uses them. What are they ...
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How to describe elements/widgets properly?

We are making widgets for a corporate website and I'm trying to figure out the best way to describe them. Something like writing a documentation. There are at least 10 of these, but here is one ...
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What is the name of this element?

I'm trying to find out what the name of the element which asks you to choose which application to open a file in. This is on Android OS. The element: Does anyone know the name? Thanks
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How can I hide some UI elements until the mobile version is out?

The first picture depicts a design of notification preferences that is really strongly inspired by Backplane's solution (the second picture), because it suits my case perfectly. The client saw the ...
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Why is display of conditional blinking data rarely implemented in modern applications?

About 23 years ago, I deployed a character based pawnshop management application for MS-DOS 6.22 and Altos Xenix-V platforms. All my forms use high contrast with a black background. In the pawn ...
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Positioning of the result of an action made by the user

Ok, so I'll try to make this as clear as possible. So, I work in a PASS app product offering tech company and we've encountered the following issue while building a micro interaction task for one of ...
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Global functionality placement on Material Design

(Disclaimer - I'm not a UX/UI specialist, but rather a fullstack dev that also need to cover for the UX aspect of an application framework. So apologies in advance for any faux pas.) Preamble We are ...
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Element, that describe level of importance

I'm working a website design. I have a table with products from my list (like basket in eCommerce websites), and table with information about shops (address, link to map etc.), where I can buy ...
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Most recent data load time phrasing?

For a UI that will show information on various technical systems (servers), I would like to add a UI element saying something like: "Last data load time: (timestamp)" The trick is that the actual ...
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What is this particular piece of a GUI called?

What is the dividing line between the directory tree and the right-side view called? Specifically, what is the name of the "grab it and slide/resize" function? I'm trying to make this in wxPython ...
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Showing the same command at multiple UI locations

In my UI I have a Ribbon control, that is divided into tabs of commands that belong to a certain functionality of the program. It is a data analysis software, so I have a tab containing functions for ...
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Would an inline page search field (ctrl + F) be useful or not to users?

In our world of information overflow users turn to a popular search engine to find the specific piece of data/information/knowledge they look for. And it works most of the time, but users often need ...
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