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How often do IME users use the Esc key, and should the Esc key discard changes?

Let's say that a web page has a click-to-edit text field. Clicking it would convert the displayed text to a text field with a blue outline, and allow the user to start editing the text. Editing would ...
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When typing uppercase letter, Is it faster to press shift with same hand as the letter or there is no difference?

Are there any studies comparing typing speed of these styles of case shifting: use shift only on one side of keyboard. Use pinky+ corresponding finger when the letter is on the same side as the shift ...
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2 answers

Which cursor is Appropriate for kids math educational application?

There are some boxes on my app screens where users (kids) should type numbers in them by keyboard. Which cursor along with transition effect should we use to kids understand that they should type in ...
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Where did the 3 dot 'user is typing' feedback you see on messenger apps originate?

I've noticed a lot of messenger apps such as HipChat and Facebook Messenger have implemented a horizontal 3 dot icon which signifies a user is typing. I'm curious to know how this icon came about ...
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What would be a better typing experience in landscape mode of a keyboard?

While designing a keyboard app for android, I went through a lot of testing of various existing keyboards. One thing found in common was that typing in landscape mode of every keyboard wasn't very ...
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Best way to handle when typology used by tech is different than typology presented to users?

This question is a follow-up to this one on Meta.SE about the flag dialog used on SE sites. In the dialog, the first two ("spam" and "rude/abusive") are considered the same type of flag, and the ...
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Should the input for a new item of a wishlist be at the top or the bottom of that list?

I was working on an idea for a public wishlist web app that a user will be able to manage: "New item" is an input field that gets focus by default. Right now when I enter "5th Item" and press Enter ...
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Office 2013 smooth cursor while typing

The cursor movement has been animated in the Office 2013. (I'm not sure if it affects some other applications too.) Basically the cursor moves smoothly as you type now letters. Apparently this is ...
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Why does the Caps Lock not toggle upper and lower case for selected text?

In most word processors, you can easily toggle many text styles. For example: Ctrl + B - Will bold or un-bold selected text. Ctrl + U - Will underline or un-underline selected text. Ctrl + I - Will ...
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Typing speed for updating results

I'm implementing some ajax autocomplete. Whenever user types something result gets displayed. One thing that is bad about those autocomplete is that constantly hitting database. So I went with making ...
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2 answers

Strategy for making easy remembered, easy typed and secure password for mobile devices?

I make great passwords which I remember in my fingers when I'm on a laptop keyboard. But when I turn to mobile devices, I lose my muscle memory on the soft keyboard. To overcome this problem, I store ...
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