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Why does Twitter limit tweets to 140 characters? Why this number? What are pros and cons of this design?

I am developing an educational website in which students can share luthier learning tips with their classmates. It is important for me to make the posts as small as possible. However, I don't know how ...
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What is the name for when you're writing a post and it suggests users if you type a name? (twitter/slack)

In twitter this happens when you input the '@' symbol and it then suggests users as you type more characters. In Slack this also happens but without needing the '@' symbol. So far I have heard of '...
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Why do profile pictures overlap banner images in most websites?

Why is it that every social application has the user's avatar fully or partially overlapping the user's banner/cover image? The same thing happens with pages also.
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What is the better way to place link in tweets for better UX for max. engagement?

The most common way of placing link in tweet is: Tweet Text followed by LINK like: The ABCs of Landing Pages That Work [Infographic] However, recently I have been ...
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What do you think is the best way to promote a Twitter account in an app?

I have an app and on the "About" page, there is a label which says Handmade coded by, then a button which makes the user follow me (the developer) on Twitter. The question is, what do you think it ...
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App - Should a user be able to edit the text of a tweet or facebook post?

I am building an android app, and i have implemented what i believe to be a very good user interface/flow. To upload a photo to our website there are 3 steps. You select the photo. You enter a ...
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What user research data is available on Twitter Bootstrap? [closed]

Has anyone come across any user research or done studies that can show improvement in usability and user experience using the Twitter Bootstrap framework? I would especially be interested in the real ...
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Facebook/Twitter login only vs. Facebook/Twitter signup and login separately

I have searched for this topic here, but haven't found solid answers for the problem. So the situation is this: we are creating the authentication screens for a mobile app and we are not sure which ...
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Should we use hash tags (with a #) in content titles when that content is often shared on Twitter?

On our website, we have a widget to share our articles on Twitter. Our marketing expert recently explained that when we write the article titles, we should include hash tags in them so they get ...
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