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a period of time during which an application or website is tested

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How can I pictorially show an option is unavailable for a time?

I have an option (a single button) in the settings, that won't be avaliable for the user for about 2 weeks. I have considered a number of options: Leave it out - make it suddenly appear Keep it ...
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Emphasizing "X days left in trial"

My product shows an indication for number of days left in the free trial: When the number of days left is 3 or less, I would like to emphasize it by coloring in red. What would be the correct way? ...
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Does a free trial diminish the value of my product?

I think the title says it all, but let me give a little background to spice things up. Currently, my company is working on a product. The product is an e-learning application for a very specific ...
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UX best practices for enabling a full-feature set download for a 30-day trial?

We offer a trial of our company's software and currently the path to usage is 1) Create an account with us 2) Download the software and 3) Download a feature library separately Our goal is not to ...
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Multiple plans and trials

We are building an SaaS application. In an ideal world, we would just have 1 plan that can cater to the needs of everyone. However, as we know, that is not the case. The situation: I have 3 ...
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Notifying users when a paid trial converts to full trial

We are about to launch a 7 day paid trial. We already have the customer billing details so on the 7th date we will automatically upgrade the subscription from trial to full. Should we send any ...
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Trial Expiring Email frequency

I am building a SAAS service which as a 30 day trial period. We know we need/want to notify trial accounts when the they are coming close to expiring. But what is the right frequency? We were ...
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How to indicate software is a trial?

I have this software which also has a Trial version (30 Days full features active). What is the best position to add the word "Trial" to signal this version: the header next to the logo - there is a ...
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Best Approach When Using Trial Subscriptions

In terms of UX what do you guys think is the best approach when integrating a trial period for subscriptions? My application offers a 15 day trial, at the minute the user can sign up without ...
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Recording Debit/Credit Card Details at the start of a 'Free Trial'?

Does anyone have experience, analytics or similar on the impact of taking payment details at the start of a free trial period for a product? It's one of the things I hate the most about trialing ...
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