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2 answers

Using videos in a personal web-site, how good of an UX is that?

I've had this idea for my personal web-site that I'm really wondering what the experts of UX and design feel here think about I really enjoy the high-end web-sites that have a video playing on the ...
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In a SPA shoud I load before navigating away?

I'm developing a Single Page Application (SPA) design framework and need some thoughts on the navigation/loading approach. I couldn't find meaningful answers in this regard on the internet. Question ...
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2 answers

Why are websites so poor in terms of transition & animation compared to native apps?

It's 2020 and web standards allow for really powerfull animations. Compatibility is barely an issue since most browsers are evergreen and most devices are powerfull enough. On top of that, it's easy ...
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Micro Transition for selection

I'm using a dropdown select in my design. The user makes a selection, and the content below changes. The problem is the content below is very similar and isn't obvious that it has changed. I was ...
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3 answers

How to communicate for required transitions to front-end developers?

See for example the Google Accounts log-in experience, where you move from 'Enter email' to 'Enter password' via a smooth dynamic transition with no page refresh How can I ...
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2 answers

User friendly transition between signup page and login page

I work on a website where users: fill in a registration form (with only 2 fields: password & confirm password; each user have a unique token which is stored in the URL) then land directly after ...
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2 answers

What's the name of this kind of transition?

What's the name of this fancy transition between views (listview and detailview here)? Is it Transition Morphing?
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3 answers

CRUD without READ (detail)

Background We have a list of users. Now the users have a button Edit that leads him directly to an edit screen: In other parts of the app we have a similar list just there we have a Detail button ...'s user avatar
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3 answers

How long should a loading spinner take to do one rotation?

Whilst I'd always prefer an estimated time, I get that's not always possible, so we fall back to the tried and personally hated, loading spinner. I've always thought that having it do one iteration ...
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4 votes
2 answers

Element transition between tabs

I'm building an app that in one of its screens has 2 tabs. In each tab there is a list of elements (cards), and i'm wondering : What type of transition between tabs should i use? Is there a ...
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5 answers

Is it a good idea to show progress indicator inside a button?

Typical examples: Ladda UI for Bootstrap 3. Crazier examples: Progress Button Styles. This is for a desktop app, if it matters. Consider that the target view has about three different buttons. The ...
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2 answers

Alternate language switch for translators

From a technical point-of-view, one article in the www can be in different languages with different translations. Assuming for this question: a welcome page, an info-page and a related-links-page ...
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1 answer

Creating an animation and interaction stylguide

extending to the animation aspect of a style guide that we have already built for our ecommerce website and app, What area's of the UI do you need to look at. These are currently what I could break ...
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1 answer

a formal way of creating a UI from a set of functions?

I am working on an application that has a number of functions and features with the intention of launching it first on Android and then on iOS. Coming from a development background with minimal ...
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4 answers

Should you design for the transition period of resizing the window

The big trend (rightly so) in web design right now is making your website responsive. Meaning that your pages will look good on any size screen. As a ux/ui developer I always initially test my pages ...
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7 votes
3 answers

Does the hover functionality on Netflix's website break UI best practice?

For example: My explanation of what's happening in the gif: When a title has been hovered for a short amount of time, that title expands, pushing other content off the screen and grabbing the user's ...
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3 votes
1 answer

Choosing which easing to use in interactions? Any Standard?

I've researched the web a lot for this and have come up with a very small list. Almost all iOS Apps and most current Web Apps use some form of easing or another. Interactions & Transitions are ...
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1 answer

Page slide in/out transition for android/iOS apps

Is there a generally accepted duration for sliding transitions in android/iOS that feels "natural"? In a similar vein, do these transitions accelerate, or do they move at a constant speed? I'm ...
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6 answers

Optimal duration for animating transitions

Is there an optimal duration for animating subtle transition effects? 150-250ms usually seems about right to me for most effects. Is there any research to confirm that this is good for most users or ...
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Slick text transitions for game tutorial

Are there any names for the techniques/transitions used to make text appear in a slick, and attention grabbing (but unobtrusive) way? A typical use case for this is the tutorial level of a game, ...
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1 vote
3 answers

What is the best way to transition between chapters using a dragging/swipe motion?

My team and I are developing a book reading/Bible app, and we want the user will be able to switch chapters. We are considering implementing it in one of two ways: By dragging past the end of the ...
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revealing more information about an item: Slide-in on hover vs Flip on click

What should I take into consideration when making a decision about the right transition to use to reveal more info about an item? Do I use a slide-in on hover or flip item on click to reveal more ...
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2 answers

Does smooth transitions faster than you can consciously perceive improve the user experience?

Google Chrome shows a smooth transition when you type something in its omnibar. It consists of a few frames of a diffuse glass-like autocomplete box before it becomes totally opaque. It's faster than ...
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6 votes
3 answers

Modal popup position

Being a Mac OS X user, I've implemented a popup engine which slides from top (transition is about 300 ms, see video) and stays hooked to the top. Most people (all developers at the moment) say they'...
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2 answers

Creating a transition pattern library

I am looking to compile and apply a list of transitions/animations across a web application. Does anyone have any good examples of any existing transition pattern libraries out there? I know the ...
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