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Transactional emails: Use case specific sender names?

I design transactional email communication for a company. My goal is that sender name, sender email, email subject and email pre-header (the preview) will help the reader to grasp the email's gist ...
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Justification for adding confirmation page in transaction website userflow

I've implemented a web form for users to request a transfer or withdrawal of funds they have deposited with our service. Our financial person, who handles most finance-related customer support, is ...
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3 answers

Efficient multi-field search pattern for finding matching records

We need to build a tool that allows data entry from people to find transactions from an external data source and match them to our transactions. The transactions don't always align by a particular ...
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2 answers

Modal to prepare users for changes in payment system

I'm wondering if you could help me to gather some ideas. Basically, one of our products overseas has to make fundamental changes to its credit card deposit system due to a variety of problems incl. a ...
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What does "transaction flows" mean?

I just read a line that included the phrase: ...designing transaction flows for the web. In the context of UI design what does "transaction flows" mean? Does it literally mean a process of a ...
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How to retain users when payment is *not* the last part of the process?

I'm working on a project in government that requires users to fill in an online form and make payment for the service online, but that's not the end — users then have to do some stuff in the real ...
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How does the choice of transaction models ACID or BASE affect UX design?

How does the choice of database transaction models: ACID (Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, Duratbility) or BASE (Basic Availability, Soft State and Eventual Consistency) affect UX design? Can ...
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Payment screens as part of a multi-step form

I am designing a series of multi-step transactional forms which appear in the context of a web page with a progress bar, site header, footer, nav etc. Each form contains a payment step. There are two ...