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Questions tagged [toggle]

A switch decision between two or more options where only one can be selected.

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Improving confusing product permission settings UI with explicit / implicit multi options

I have a product permission settings component that allows users to include/exclude companies' current and future products. Many users find the current UI confusing based on feedback. Below is an low ...
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Preventing invalid preference states when opting for auto save functionality

I’m currently working on a marketing preferences screen where a user can control what marketing comms they receive and the channels they receive them on. A business decision was made to keep the ...
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Testimonial slider usability

I'm building a careers/recruiting landing page for a company and 1 of the things we decided should go into the page are some quotes from existing employees. My first inclination was to pull out the 3 ...
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Improvement of current & active suborg information dropdown

currently, I'm redesigning a component where big organizations that consist of smaller sub-organizations are able to switch between the organizations (by choosing organization as a current) to preview ...
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In Android quick settings menu why is Cellular data on/off option in a second screen?

In the quick settings menu that slides down from Android, all settings are activated or deactivated tapping the icon. With the exception of the sounds settings which needs to be choosen between 3 ...
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Which toggle pattern is better?

My design team disagrees about the best toggle experience. The toggle is meant to authorize a client. I will leave it at that to avoid influencing any responses. Which one do you prefer, and why?
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Switching off AI capabilities/features

This would not have been a relevant question except for the rapid uptake and integration of AI language model capabilities in some very popular software platforms and applications. However, users don'...
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What are best practices for on/off toggle on sensitive/adult content (specifically when it comes to photos) example included?

For example, on a website that has a gallery of Breast Implant procedures before and after photos, if the photos are blurred by default with an eye icon and users have to click on any one of the ...
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