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A switch decision between two or more options where only one can be selected.

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24 answers

Should a toggle button show its current state or the state to which it will change?

I have a quick question about buttons that toggle between two states. (Think Play/Pause, or Shuffle/Regular Play.) As the title says, should the toggle show it's current state or the state to which it ...
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48 votes
9 answers

Checkbox vs toggle

There's a constant debate on checkbox vs toggle. Personally, as an iPhone and Mac owner, I'm still very confused every time when I see the toggle. I often ask ask myself, "The 'on' is on the left, ...
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Which way should be "on" for a switch?

Most of us use switches every day in various forms. And although there are sometimes general norms in countries as to which direction is "on", there is variation between countries. So when ...
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28 votes
5 answers

Toggle Buttons "Turn On" vs "Enable" [duplicate]

For about a year now, we've used toggle buttons on a couple of segments of our site. We try to be very consistent in our user interfaces, always using the same blue button styles for every clickable ...
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13 answers

Separation of play and pause buttons for playing media

I seem to remember reading somewhere that having the play pause actions triggered from a single button that toggles is a bad idea It seems to me that this idiom works well (e.g. pressing space to ...
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6 answers

Toggle button vs. check box and toggle switch

XAML for Windows 8 offers 3 controls for toggling: toggle button, check box and toggle switch. The Windows 8 UX guidelines explain and compare the check box and the toggle switch, but make no mention ...
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8 votes
4 answers

How should a multi-state toggle slider with more than two states be implemented?

The toggle slider is a very common pattern on mobile devices for iOS and certain web applications, however they work well for only a dual-state switching. When it comes to more than two states, the ...
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16 votes
4 answers

Should "toggle buttons" show what they do or the system status? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Should a toggle button show its current state or the state to which it will change? I find inconsistency in "toggle buttons" (I just invented the name now. See screenshot to ...
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12 votes
6 answers

How to best represent a ToggleButton (representing on/off) with the ability to be locked

I'm designing a ToggleButton control that has the ability to be in a locked state in which user interaction will not be able to further toggle the control. In general I would like the button to appear ...
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11 votes
4 answers

Indeterminate state for toggle buttons?

I'm working on a tablet based application where an agent would be going through and answering a series of yes/no questions. This is running on Windows 7 and naturally the standard windows controls ...
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11 votes
6 answers

Multiple choice with Yes, No and 'No answer'

I am working on a Quiz Application for Multiple Choice question. Instead of normal Multiple Choice Questions with the two answers yes and no. I am working on one that allows a user to abstain to a ...
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4 answers

What's the difference between a toggle switch, radio buttons and a tickbox? What's the best cases these patterns can be used?

What's the best cases these patterns can be use?
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5 votes
3 answers

Best choice for three-state value?

In my application, the user can filter fields by selecting one of three possible values for each field: True False Both I currently have a drop-down box, but this requires two clicks while the ...
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21 answers

Boolean switch with a third state

Note: everyone has seemed to have misunderstood this question. Literally, everyone. I am not creating some sign-up form, I am not collecting personal data. The form of which this is a part is used to ...
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37 votes
4 answers

Should a select all toggle button get activated when all toggles get manually selected?

I'm designing a feature where users can simply toggle to get notifications for each type of updates. There's an option that makes it easier to toggle all. My question is, if the user toggled all the ...
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20 votes
8 answers

Which is a good color for a pause button?

We have an application with a built-in stopwatch. If the stopwatch is running the pause button is shown and if it is stopped the play button is shown. Currently the stopwatch itself as well as the ...
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12 votes
6 answers

Radio buttons or Toggle switch for one out of two options?

I am a bit confused on what should be used when you have to select one option out of the two possible options. Working on a touch screen interface For ex 1- Selecting a Tax type in a retail store, ...
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11 votes
6 answers

What is a more intuitive way to present a 3-option toggle?

Stack Exchange's tag popup card/thingy has a star which you can toggle between "Favorite" (gold star), "Ignored" (red cross), and "Normal" (grey star). Favorite: Ignored: Normal: This is not ...
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9 votes
3 answers

Assume success and show response immediately or wait for a response from the server?

All over my CMS I have buttons that toggle something on or off by sending an ajax request, updating the db, and then changes state and value of the button on success. Very basic "ajax" and "toggle". ...
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7 votes
3 answers

Toggle button for actions

In our web application, we have a list of items for which multiple actions can be scheduled. If an action is available but not selected, it is displayed as a gray button. When the user clicks on it, ...
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6 votes
5 answers

Is there a pattern for cycling or toggling through time periods?

I'm looking for a pattern for toggling between different periods of time. Currently I've prototyped an example which is a single button that, when tapped, will cycle through 3 time periods: by month, ...
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4 answers

Is required validation possible on a switch/toggle control?

Scenario I want to make sure a user has made a selection on a switch input. On page load it is either on (1 - in image) or off (2 - in image) depending on what state it is set to in the code. ...
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5 answers

Toggle Buttons vs Tabs

What are the problems with using toggle buttons instead of of tabs? I have a design where action buttons and tabs share the same row. I have 1 row with action buttons in it. In this same row I will ...
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2 answers

Toggle Switch with Delayed State Change

As seen in the very popular answer:"Should a toggle button show its current state or the state to which it will change?", we have very good guidelines for implementing toggle buttons. Unfortunately, ...
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3 votes
2 answers

Displaying custom vs default settings

In many interfaces, there is a set of default settings and then a need for the user to be able to override those with custom settings. Do you have any examples of how to handle this well in an ...
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3 votes
4 answers

How would you implement a Momentary Rocker switch in a mobile app or web page?

Here's an example of a Monetary Rocker switch. It has 3 states and always returns to the middle position after being pressed. I want to use this in iOS and Android and web, is there any stock ...
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2 votes
2 answers

How to handle state of a toggle switch?

I'm wondering about how to create a useful implementation of a toggle switch. (think iOS style: ) It is meant to be used in web applications. Because of that, an important point is, that after ...
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International\?? Standards for light switches? [duplicate]

Suppose a blind person wanted to know whether a switch (such as a light switch) was on or off (also suppose the switch was vertical. Wouldn't it be natural to think that top (=1), would mean on, and ...
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Best Practices on toggle switches and defaults in forms?

In many cases, when creating an A/B choice for a user, there is a clear option that should be the default; if not, the debates can rage... and if the choices are not clearly boolean (Yes or No), it ...
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