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Where to redirect users after login when the log out was caused by a timeout

When a timeout occurs, users are automatically disconnected from the application and directed to the login page. After logging back into the app, on what page users should be directed? The home page ...
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Best practice for notification timeouts

The app I'm currently working on has a notification banner that appears when successful or unsuccessful network calls. It says things like "Your address was updated successfully!" or "...
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optimal screen idle timeout [duplicate]

Is there any research studying the optimal screen idle timeout, balancing convenience to the user versus security? In the scenario I'm considering, a timeout causes the user to have to log in again.
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How long do you keep your customers logged in? (sessions and authentication)

I was curious how long do you think we should keep users logged in before they're required to sign in with username and password again? I was wondering if there's any resources or studies done to ...
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Why timeout a working connection?

There are many ways how a program or website can detect that the device has no connection. But it's a common practice to timeout a connection after a while, even if it is working (just slow). This ...
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Semi-logged in/timed out users personalisation

Lets say users session times out and he is logged out. I want to add little piece of personalisation for those users saying: Name, not you? Issue i am having is that with current layout I already have ...
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How long before system timeout should a warning appear?

On a service which includes a lot of sensitive info in digital input forms, how long before timeout should you display a warning message? Someone proposed a 15 minute session with a timeout warning ...
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How long should the debounce timeout be?

When using the debounce() operator for form validation how long should the debounce timeout be? I currently have mine set to 400 milliseconds but idk if that is too short.
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What would be a user-friendly error message for HTTP request timeout?

We have a HTTP request timeout implemented in our mobile app, and we display an error popup when the response doesn't come on time (we will put the timeout somewhere between 30 and 60 seconds). I ...
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Loading Time on Mobile Phone [duplicate]

I have a mobile feature where a user enters data into one form then hits send. We then load data to return back to the user. The big variable is the user's connection based on their mobile phone. User'...
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Show time left, warn before automatic hangup

I'm working on a Windows desktop application where the user deals with incoming calls by emergency devices. Because the inbound capacity is limited, the connections should be kept short, a time-out ...
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Recommended value for connection timeout on mobile devices

How long would you prompt the user with an indicator before showing a connection error? On the one hand a mobile user doesn't like waiting forever until the indicator disappears. On the other hand a ...
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Session is about to expire

I am in the middle of building a system that will require a session time out. Anyone have a best practice here as far as time to give before it actually times out? Currently I am planning for a pop ...
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When there's inactivity...should we prompt the user for action?

We develop children's toys. For one of the electronic devices that we are developing the child presses a button to initiate an activity. At the end of the activity (15 - 20 seconds in duration), they ...
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How should I correctly implement a timeout warning?

I'm working on a web app that contains sensitive data akin to what you will find on tax forms - ex: SSNs, income, addresses, etc. The people using this web app are financial aid administrators in ...
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User Authentication/Timeout for web-app with personal Information

The concept behind "Remember my Username" and even allowing browsers to save your "username and password" for this site seems like it could be controversial. Given that different audiences prefer ...
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Acceptable length of idle time before considering a user is away?

Regarding my previous question on user activity, how long is the ideal amount of time to allow the computer to sit idly before considering the user to be away? In my current application of this ...
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Correct length for login timeout?

My company has created lots of computer software but one issue we have is with login timeouts. Some developers want to make them shorter for security, while most users want it be infinite? Is there ...
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I need ideas to improve this timeout control

I'm getting ready to publish a page of real-time stock-option data. Problem is I'm not so sure any more of many controls that I used to be in love with. The first of these now-doggish controls is ...
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Best error message to display when too many users logging onto web system

I have a website that started experiencing issues when too many people are trying to log into the website at the same time (usually at the start of the business day). Are there some examples of or ...
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