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5 answers

What's the difference between cards, panels, and tiles?

It seems as if with some of the modern front-end development frameworks there is a blur between the different types of 'container' elements. Whether this is an attempt to abstract the design from ...
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How to show user that page objects automatically update

I'm working on an online auction site. We're working on functionality to make the user dashboard auto-update without refreshing, so a user can see bids update real-time. The bid price and time updates,...
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2 answers

Grid view or Tiles view for long users list

I have a very long list of users! It’s a user management page for IT people. It’s not Pinterest, It’s not a Photos gallery, movies or books! These are users, I can click on them, and can perform many ...
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Spacing between two tiles for good readability?

Are there any studies that having some space between two tiles would improve readability in an app experience? I've included two wireframes that give an idea of what I mean, which is better spacing ...
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How can I emphasise the fact that these tiles are sequential?

I'm making a customisable timer using tiles (work period + break period, repeatedly). I want to emphasise the fact that these tiles are sequential (i.e, left to right, up to down). There are a maximum ...
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How to show a search result that's 3 levels deep?

This is going a bit tricky to explain so I hope it's clear. On our website, we provide article types that users can download for use in software. You start on an overview page that displays series ...
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What is the best way to show a submenu in a tile menu design like Windows?

Recently, I designed a tiles menu and it is responsive, which means it will support desktop, tablet/iPad, and mobile devices. But I notice it is very hard to have a submenu in it. Can anyone please ...
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2 answers

How to show bunch of numeric values without any text labels as mobile app list item?

I have a case where I need to show bunch of numeric values like (2000000, 345.6, 2, 657, 567) as a mobile app tile without making it look cluttered and also allows user to easily scan the data. (among ...
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How to design animations for a tiled layout?

I'm working on a b2b application that uses tiles to show a collection of items. The tiles have fixed dimensions, and fill up all available horizontal space before going to the next row. There may be ...
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What is the sorting order for displaying tiles on a multi-column layout

The use of a tile or card design pattern to present information as a replacement for the conventional list and table view presents a rather interesting challenge for programmers when they have to ...
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Optimal number of interactions or complexity on a card/tile element

The use of card/tile UI elements in responsive website design is becoming a very influential trend. However, the complexity of the products or services being provided is such that basic click and ...
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1 answer

Responsive design related to tiles

We have a screen which displays tiles and on each tile there is at least one field. Currently the tiles allow a maximum height of three rows of fields and an unlimited number of columns. The user is ...
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2 answers

Expected behavior when deleting tile from feed

Scenario: I have a tile based UI on screen. Each tile is of same height and width. The screen acts similarly to feed. New content is added into feed. User can scroll vertically to view next set of ...
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Between cards and tiles, what pattern is acceptable to use on a dashboard?

We are building dashboard for C-level executives for our web app and currently debating on whether we should use cards or tiles in our dashboard. What would be a recommended option from either of ...
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Passive selection

Working on a mobile UI for viewers to see available insurance plans. Context: this is a marketplace where the employer is shopping for health insurance for their employees. The marketplace is ...
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