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A template is a pre-developed page layout in electronic or paper media used to make new pages with a similar design, pattern, or style.

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How to combine rich text editing and templating?

I'm working on a no-code app; ideally, users should be able to write text using both templating and rich text editing: Templating: Users can type {{ and write an expression that will evaluate to some ...
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Clarifying template value vs. override value

We're designing a master vehicle inventory* settings template that can be overridden at the individual vehicle dealership* level. The individual dealership Settings page opens in an Edit state so that ...
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UX approaches for re-usable and configurable dashboards

Sorry for unclear post title, can't think of the succinct term which defines this problem. Any suggestions appreciated! I'm looking for some good examples of different approaches that applications ...
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Best way to save and apply template to a widget

I am working on a SAAS project where users create widgets to their websites. One of their abilities is to create a messaging template and apply it to their widgets. When saving a template, the user ...
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How to let the user reuse a content section across multiple layouts pages while having it centrally editable

We are creating a form editor with many different layouts. Many layouts will have the same content repeated on them. We want to make it easy to define a section or group of fields on one layout, and ...
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Examples of ‘temporary canvas’

I have this app. I have a default white canvas where i'm abble to draw something that is always temporary. If the I decide that I want to keep what I've done I must click 'keep' and it creates a tab ...
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Save As Template button, if application criteria changes, should the changes also be saved on Save As Template click?

Usability Issue I am running into with team: When in the middle of an application, there is a Save as Template button that, when clicked, opens a modal to name the template, then once template is ...
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How to find and fix image breakpoints when designing to a HTML template [closed]

When working with a responsive design framework it is easy to specify the breakpoints based on the viewport and resolution that you are designing for. However, in situations where a generic HTML ...
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Download template preview

I have a predefined template with some columns of data, basically should be grid. For example, There are columns like X,Y,Z and and user downloads the template. how do i show the preview of template(...
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Use of Emojis in Email Subject Lines

Recently many of the subject lines of the 'bulk offer mails' (list includes names like SalesKart, BigStock, Vodafone, etc.) come with these fancy emojis/ emoticons. In my Gmail client, they all land ...
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Using web fonts in email templates

What are the UX implications of using Web fonts in email templates? It seems that not all email clients support web fonts, but I'm not sure of the consequences of this.
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How to design translation UI

I'm designing a translation app which will be used to translate other apps. The app will be initially desktop based, but later on I want to make a mobile version as well. The difficulty that I'm ...
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UI terminology: Template tags vs object (categorization) tags

We are designing a business application that uses tags (like Stackexchange tags) for categorizing all manner of things. Nearly any object can be taggable and these tags are used for filtering, ...
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How to make tags in email template editor clear to all users?

I'm working on a web application where users (of an organization) can edit email templates. For example, one template would be used to confirm an appointment (that a client has made with the ...
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Distinguish Web Template and Web Theme

I am building my own CMS, and it's time to work with front-end stuff. I do research and am confused why Wordpress uses a folder named theme while Joomla uses template instead. (Can anyone explain this?...
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Guidelines on Pamphlet design to stop people from ignoring it

I have found that people tend to ignore reading a pamphlet which is distributed on a road side. How can one ensure in terms of design and strategy that people read and most importantly understand ...
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Brief and effective way to present usability study results

I am looking for a great template to create usability study results document without putting anyone to sleep. I have created plenty of them before but would like to see if there is something better ...
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Mass user authentication for a bracket system

I'm currently setting up a layout for a website that's going to be a sort of "bracket" website, where users can sign up and they can be approved/denied by an administrator. I'm currently at a ...
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How can I demonstrate that the same wireframe can be used for varied visual designs?

I'm trying to demonstrate to someone that one wireframe or template can be used across multiple brand experiences (we want the UX to be similar, but the brand experience to be different). At some ...
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User generated dynamic document

The requirement is to allow the user of the website to create dynamic documents with placeholders. The placeholders can contain any item from a defined list. Example: Hello {name}, I'm contacting ...
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Should I provide template functionality?

The context: We're working on a small SaaS solution for freelancer and very small companies (<5 employees). We know that people will sometimes need to create several sheets that contain almost the ...
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Designating Unique Templates within a Wireframe Set

Is there a "threshold" that makes a template a Unique template within the wireframe set? I have defined my "unique" templates as when the layout can apply for any of those pages with simple/tedious ...
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What is the definition of a web page Template?

My understanding is that a web page Template is a unique full page structure. For example, a horizontal header, followed by a two column layout (A Column = 80% width + B Column = 20% width) finished ...
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Storyboard template for webapplication

I am looking out for storyboard widget for axure or powerpoint template which i want to create for a webapplication. Any link would be helpful.
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Why do so many sites make the mega footer a dark color?

Such as I see this type of design so frequently nowadays. It's so common that it looks like a template, yet all kinds of companies that you wouldn't think would be using web ...
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Producing static HTML prototype from fragments?

What would be a recommended tool (works on Linux) for managing included HTML fragments like shared footers, in a directory of static HTML serving as a clickable UI prototype? I want to be able to ...
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Changing my site theme often

I'm planning on selling website templates. My first thoughts were the development of my actual site. After thinking about it for a while, what if, instead of my site having one common theme, what if ...
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Is it a good idea to have a homepage with multiple templates that alternate on a periodic basis?

I am working with a client that has been producing a print magazine and is interested in transitioning it online. One feature they were interested in was a homepage with multiple templates. So the ...
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Just made a web template, what changes should I make? [closed] Thanks for the help!
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Simple design for a phpBB forum [closed]

I'm looking for some examples for a better design of phpBB. I would like to redesign a forum which is targeted to people with a minimal experience with forums. Now the forum isn't working well. No ...
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