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Documenting button interactions

Instead of using "click" or "tap" in my documentation, I use the word "select" to select an option from the menu, buttons, etc. However, I am faced with a situation where ...
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Using "people" vs "users" in online documentation and guidelines

There's a discussion at my office around changing the term "users" to "people" in our online documentation. Some things to know, our online documentation is used primarily by ...
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Best practices for using check mark or X to fill out an attendance sheet

Part of my duties at my job are to take meeting minutes, which are then uploaded and shared within the Organization and throughout the State. The previous tech writer made a hard-to-read table, where ...
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Tech Writing: What to call list columns?

I'm currently re-writing some software documentation for users, and I'm stuck on how to label the columns on this page, which lists files that you've recently exported from the system, with various ...
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Does any research exist on what makes one audible document better than another from a user's perspective?

One of my projects for 2018 involves scoping the possibility of reproducing a range of printed/visible work in an audible version. Some of these are actually technical in nature, so this got me to ...
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Visualising of Products Using Dimensioned Drawings and Tables

I´m currently planning to develop a software that generates a Product catalogue. The software reads data from the database then apply business logic in order to create the catalogue which will be ...
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User Terminology: right-click menu vs. shortcut menu

Which is the industry standard to average end-users when referring to the menu that opens when they right-click an item on a screen? Is it called the 'right-click menu' or the 'shortcut menu'? I'm ...
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How would you have avoided the Miss Universe 2015 mistake?

In case you missed it, over a week ago Steve Harvey incorrectly announced Miss Colombia as winner of the Miss Universe 2015 pageant. He later apologized and corrected himself; Miss Philippines won. ...
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