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How to change a progress dialog to indicate dismiss instead of cancel?

I am currently writing a wxWidgets application as a tool to perform a task. This task is asynchronous and occurs in a different thread. I pop up a dialog box & disable the main window when the ...
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Is it best practice to permanently keep historical activity in a web app?

I am learning how StackOverflow implements its "review queue" feature. Going to /review, you see an overview of the queues. Going to
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Displaying a progress bar results in slower completion time

I write a lot of internal scripts that automate tasks for a team. In order to prevent them from wondering if the script has "halted", I display a simple progress bar for the long running ...
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UX Task Success and Page views

I have a funnel setup for a page which tracks A,B,C button click to complete the task. You can only do this if there is an item on this page. My question is should I track the page views at the start ...
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How to prevent users from circumventing a form?

I have a multi step form which starts with a question. If the user says No, they are taken to a screen instructing them to call in (since the system cannot process No answers). If the users say Yes, ...
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Task success — How do we establish how much to deduct from the total TPI (task performance indicator) when measuring the success score of a task?

Does anyone have experience in measuring task success with a TPI score? As an example I can give measuring task success on a travel website and example tasks would be: Search for a holiday ...
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Task Completion Status: x/y versus "In Progress" "To Do" etc?

We are creating an UI element to show task completion and are leaning more towards showing a number of tasks completed as compared to the words. e.g. "0/3" v/s "To Do" "1/3" v/s "In Progress" "✔" ...
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Is it good to hide other functions if a user needs to focus on a task?

We have a desktop app that allows consultant to accept customers. On this app, the consultant can be on 2 statuses: Available or Away. I am thinking of hiding other menu items if the status is "...
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What would be a good way to visualize potential problems in a system and make users act on them?

I have a system that I am monitoring. The system consists of a master server with multiple smaller servers underneath it. They all communicate with eachother, perform different tasks and so on. ...
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What is TLM (touch level model)

Surely anyone need to go on something to study from , I've been searching like crazy on topic TLM (touch level model) and couldn't find a single piece of useful paper for free on internet/books to ...
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Is using another method to complete a user task considered a fail if it isn't what I'm looking for?

I designed a dashboard layout for my company's monitoring application and had a couple of users go through a usability test session while using the application to see how usable to dashboard is. On ...
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Is there evidence that users are happy to expend more time and effort in certain circumstances?

Certain tasks take extra time and effort to complete. Registration for a secure service, or recovering login credentials are two good examples. However, there is a tension between security and ...
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4 answers

Ways to show that a task is halfway complete?

I am working on a little widget that shows the events a person has attended. An event typically has two stages, a pre-registration and an attendance. If a person pre-registers for an event but does ...
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Uncovering user motivation levels when using an app

I want to learn when a user's motivations are high or low while using an app so I can present the right messaging to them and have a higher rate of completion. Is there a research method which ...
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Is there an updated Keystroke-level model for touch devices?

The Keystroke-level model was developed over the years to allow us to predict task times of a given set of interaction. Using this measurement is fantastic when brainstorming up potential UI solutions....
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Adding steps to make it clearer

I am creating an on-boarding process for a tool. In every piece of UX theory it says that is about removing complexity and making it easier for the user to do something. I'm wondering if it would ...
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37 votes
14 answers

Slow down job for better progress animation

So, I am in a situation where I am developing an internal application that executes a list of many task items, some of which have multiple steps. For each task item, I also have a progress bar. Well, ...
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2 answers

Email Survey - Recommended questions / format for task analysis?

We are hoping to send out email surveys to some of our customers (w/a coupon reward) in the hopes of getting some task analysis-type feedback returned. This is a large B2B website with tens of ...
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How can users mark their lessons complete?

I have an internal LMS created and it is pretty open to any content type. More and more people are moving away from traditional SCORM/traditional e-learning and towards blended content. So now a ...
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How to visualize results of user actions after creating a new record?

I am working on the UI design of a CMS that enable users to manage websites. The interaction I am looking at now takes place when a new menu item is created. This is what I have so far: For an ...
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Should we use form button color to indicate task outcome?

I work in large company and We are building our UX guidelines for new applications. We have lots of legacy LOB applications with workflows that assign tasks to humans. Some of them are simple tasks ...
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1 answer

How to present overdue items in a progress tracker

I'm working on a mobile app that helps users track the tasks they have planned for each project. The states (status) of the tasks are: Not Started, In Progress, Completed, and Overdue. I thought I ...
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How to visualize a process result and report as final step in a wizard

I'm re-designing a web wizard that lets an user to import a table through a CSV file. The current steps are: file upload: the user upload a CSV file from the local file system. metada: the user ...
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What is the best practice for indicating (in, say, a task list) : Completed, In progress, not started

I'm working on a web app that contains "lessons" that a user can "qualify for". They can then have one of 4 states: Graduated Graduated and Mastered Unlocked, and started. Newly Unlocked, not ...
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Signing up for a site. Finishing progress after step 1 of 4. What/How to indicate?

EDIT: Screenshots will be added soon to better explain the problem I got a four step progress on a website signup page and have a 4 stepped progress bar to indicate where the user is currently at: ...
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4 answers

Irreversible changing of state

I am working on a UI for a workflow and task management system. Each task can be in one of three states: new in progress complete The task is edited in a form which has Save/Cancel buttons. It ...
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Do we need to indicate that an activity that ran very quickly didn't error-out immediately?

We have a system that has a few maintenance activities that run very quickly (less than a second). Problem is, when users look at the log file for the system, seeing an activity that ran for 0 seconds ...
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Storyboard Workshop, User Story Workshop or Another Usability Workshop?

I'm trying to propose a way to heighten communication for all departments involved within a new project. Primarily we build backend administrative systems, however there is a lack of inter ...
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Marking tasks in red?

There's a list of items, some of them require attention. I'm thinking about using the color red. It used to be used for errors, so red was an unpleasant color. Today we have red notifications on iOS ...
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Automatically advancing to the next screen after processing completion

I have a screen that downloads videos from a website to the users' disk. Once it has completed downloading should I automatically switch to a screen that displays the videos or should I just enable a ...
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2 answers

How to perform a task analysis?

What are your methods to understand the task the visitors to your web site want to solve? Surveys? Interviews? What questions do you ask? Simple asking them about their main reason for visiting the ...
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2 answers

Best form element to indicate level of completeness of a task?

For example, if the user is prompted how long they have spent playing a videogame, with the options being: I have played it I have completed it I have mastered it Instead of a select list or radio ...
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Correct terminology for that circle/bubble with number of notifications in it?

Some applications will overlay some colored bubble/circle with a number to show how many unread messages/notifications or "things to do" are currently available. For instance, it's on Skype to show ...
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3 answers

Too many navigation levels?

Do you thing the user workflow is too "busy" on the screenshot below? The idea is to bring a user through all the the tabs. The workflow would be: Use the main tabs (vertical or horizontal..not sure ...
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6 answers

How to design user evaluation tasks without leading people to 'the answer'?

By way of example: on the site I am testing I have a page that shows a piece of information; and a side panel that shows related / similar information from other areas of the site. How do I test ...
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18 votes
4 answers

Usability or Content: Knowing which is the cause of the problem?

I've been spending time looking at pages and page flows trying to reduce bail rates and increase completion rates on large ecomm site when a brand manager asked a very intriguing question, "How do you ...
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