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UX Research for more than one target group

I'm new to UI and UX Design and need some guide. I'm currently working on a project with a focus on two target groups. I want to know how to conclude on design goals, research questions, problem ...
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How many users you lose when forcing a mobile app update? [closed]

I'm evaluating if forcing my android & iOS users to upgrade their apps by disabling the "default functionality" of the app and only showing an "update message" is a good idea. ...
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How to ask on a registration page if user is private or business

I have both business users and private individuals registering for my service. I would like to start targeting them differently so in the registration process I want to add a question (under email, ...
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What should a good error email look like?

Upon errors in my applications, I'm sending out error emails. Both, developers and administrators get them. The huge amount of "information" inside the emails tend to make them helpful for ...
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B2B / B2C, as one or two separate websites?

I'm in the middle of re-designing our company website and have found myself in a pinch when it comes dividing the site into B2C / B2B. (I've seen the other thread about this topic but didn't think it ...
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Conducting user testings when end-users are very specified group in another country

I'm curious about your experience with conducting user tests when end-users of your app are very specified group located in another country. For example, when they are specific kind of US goverment ...
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When user testing, how important are representative users?

I work at a company where we design software that, in most cases, is targeted at leasing agents in the multi-family housing industry, a very specific group of people. When I want to go about testing ...
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I can't decide target audience

I'm a student doing a final study assignment at a company. I need to analyze their target audience, but that is still unknown to the company. I know who their clients are, but it's (as far as I know) ...
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How should one prepare when doing a UX presentation to non-practitioners?

I am putting together a one-hour presentation aimed towards other software developers regarding a general introduction to User Experience, and I have a general idea on what I want to present. However, ...
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How to find the target user groups for an app?

I would like to know if there is a general way of finding target user groups for simple mobile apps. In this instance, it might be a simple webapp or an iPhone app which allows users to send real ...
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