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Questions tagged [tags]

textual labels applied to content to denote a category, decided either by the creator of content or a user of an application. Common in content rich applications to aid searching.

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Complex multiple select menu solution that includes "anyone" OR "multiple choices." Anyone includes unassigned (not shown) options

Here is an awkward scenario. Imagine a form field for setting who can receive an email. The primary need is that anyone in particular job type groups can receive (Job 1, Job 2, Job 3). However, there ...
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Folders and Tagging pattern for a shared files?

I'm developing a user interface for an enterprise product that has programs that are created, run, and shared by members of an organization (i.e. a company). I want users to be able to easily find ...
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How to handle multiple statuses when tagging items

Currently working on the 'tagging' functionality for a page of results. User needs the ability to tag and untag results Page may have active filers that exclude results based on tags What ...
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Correct way to associate user with tags, and ways to properly add them?

Context: An environment where users have a suite of various products at their hands, containing information about hospital patients. The people using these tags tend to be physicians or technicians ...
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Info icon inside the tags?

I'm working on a popup screen. We've got a budget calculator within. After calculating, the results will be generated. I opted to present the findings in a tag model, which consists of a number, a ...
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