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Slider and Input for same Value - Should both be tab-selectable?

I'm working on a form where users are able to select a numeric value both with a range slider as well as a numeric input. (See mockup below) Both inputs have to stay in the form which is a design ...
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Tabindex for reveal password button

I have a create password form that looks like the following: As you can see from the image, the reveal password button (eye icon) is the next sequential thing for the browser to focus. As such, ...
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Are there any drawbacks to using tabindex to skip navigation elements and go to an input?

With a lot of sites I have to press tab ~7 times in order to get to the input that I want to use. I'm thinking that I will set the tabindex on that input to 1 so that it gets focus first. It seems ...
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tab order of help button in dialogs

When I place the help button in dialogs like here: What tab order should I use? It's obvious that the content panel uses tabindex values that correspond to the reading order which is supported by the ...
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GDPR banner accessibility - where should it be in the page tab order?

We're adding an 'accept cookies' GDPR banner across the bottom of our site. Should it be the first thing that gets focus when tabbing into the page?
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When is it 'wrong' to put tabindex=0 on non-interactive content?

I'm trying to fix up a site made with the adaptAuthoring tool after an accessibility audit. One of the audit items is a complaint about the very large number of tabs needed to navigate the document. ...
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Is focus outline useful on elements that can't be focused with tab?

I heard that: using tabindex="-1" makes an element not accessible via tab, but still focusable manually focus should be visible In a situation with navigation on top, with links that cause the page ...
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Is there a benefit of putting headings in the tab order?

Question about navigation through headings of web-applications on screen readers. Is there a benefit of putting headings in the tab order (by adding tabindex="0" to all H tags) or the standard ways ...
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Why do major sites give tabindex priority to auxiliary functionality rather than the primary action button?

In Twitter's web app, after the tweet body in Compose Tweet, the next tabindex is the Add emoji button. However the primary action is the Tweet button. In GitHub's web app, after the comment body in ...
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TAB functionality in SE when editing code -- What's the UX view on it?

Disclaimer: I'm cross-posting this question from Meta SE to get input from the UX fanatics here. I've seen people complain about not been able to use TAB to format code in SE. There are many fixes ...
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Is it ok to allow tab skipping of terms and privacy links on a registration page?

I have a registration page containing the following fields, links and button: Name: Email: Password: CAPTCHA (third party): privacy link for CAPTCHA (third party) Site Terms link Register button To ...
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autofocus on main action

I was asked to add autofocus to the confirm button: download bmml source – Wireframes created with Balsamiq Mockups Works great, there are lot of confirmation info text. When testing on small ...
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