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Component Library

I'm a UX Designer and want to know at what point in my project should I start building my component library? Before I wireframe, during or after. I think it would be easier to start whilst I'm ...
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How do you use the 4px grid in a mobile screen for iPhone 11 Pro that is 375px?

How do you use the 4px grid in a mobile screen for iPhone 11 Pro that is 375px? Margin 16px / gutter 16px? Then it requires to be four columns with a width of 74px however, one of them should be 73px. ...
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Alert colour for system errors

Currently, I'm using amber alert messages for system errors, for a web application I'm designing. The PM came back asking if red alerts would be more suitable for these system errors. My assumption is ...
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Designing a multi-parameter search

I have a pretty complex issue to share with you. I'm working on a financial system, which will provide its customers the option to make a search by more than one parameter. I'm trying to keep the ...
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System alerts / errors in B2B web design - How to design system alerts so that users pay attention to them [duplicate]

I need some support with one problem 🙂 System messages in B2B web applications, specifically about them being ignored by users. Can you recommend any references or share your experience in designing ...
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Align width of dropdown menu to?

In the past I ran often into the problem, that I did not know how to decide the width of a dropdown menu. I as a designer don’t mind to just eyeball a good-looking width, but developers would love to ...
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What is system-centered design?

I can't understand the idea or concept of system-centered design. I have researched the topic but it mostly directs me to user-centered design. What is system-centered design?
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Legacy system content import tool [closed]

We have an old system, which is a course platform, and we are developing a new version of it, with other technology and some new features. I am designing the feature that will allow users to migrate ...
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Design language system

I hope this is relevant to UX as most articles about DLS`s are written by UX designers. I read many articles about it but couldn`t find any mentions about: Who is responsible with creating a DLS ( ...
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Document space between components for designers

How are spacial relations between components documented by the big design systems? They only seem to explain how the components look and behave in isolation, not in relation to each other. For ...
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