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How to: User offboarding with active paid subscription?

How should an application behave when a user triggers his accounts deletion while having an active paid subscription? I'm talking about completely deleting the account, not pausing a subscription. For ...
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Best practices for SaaS product package subscription flows?

I'm creating a flow of pricing for the Edtech product. I did a competitive analysis regarding this flow but I'm not fully satisfied with these flows. They follow 1-Home >> 2-Pricing >> 3-...
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How to handle collective subscriptions (i.e. for companies and like)

I have a website and some content of the website is restricted to paying users having a subscription. You can subscribe as a single user, but there is also the option to purchase a "collective ...
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Should followers still get the same email settings?

In our platform, we can a concept of "people" that belong to "organizations." These people can have followers. Followers are assigned to people within our internal platform. If a ...
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How to force users to subscribe without creating an account?

I've created a web app which does not require a user to create an account, you just fill in a form and get the result. I thought that would be nice to add "Enter your email" input text along ...
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How to best handle pricing between MVP and Live phases?

We are planning to launch a new consumer web application with 7 core features and services. While putting together the release roadmap we figured our MVP can be very solid if we included 3 of the 7 ...
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Best way to let the user modify the subscription (change number of mobile devices)

I have an online SaaS which users subscribe to. After a first trial period (one week), users can renew the service monthly. There's no deadline to pay for the service. As soon as the user pays the ...
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Sign up flow for a mobile app IAP subscription that requires account linking

I've got an existing app that doesn't require any user sign up that allows users to organise lists (all on device storage). It has about 5000 users and I'm thinking of ways I can add value for my ...
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Looking for a lead in order to link funnel dropouts and with website bugs

i am trying to analyze customer experience from a different perspective: killer bugs and website bugs in general. I am struggling to find practices and/or literature on the subject. I'd like to use ...
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Where could exit button be removed from during onboarding process?

My company is re-designing the on-boarding process for Emergency Service within the app. The process as follows: Page 1: Intro of Emergency Service Page 2: Terms of Services (TOS) Page 3: ...
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A platform designed to support both: subscribers and user accounts?

We've created a platform where users can subscribe to their favorite organizations' newsletters (similar to Mailchimp). But we also want to allow subscribers to post content on their organizations' ...
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Changing emotions when a user going to unsubscribe newsletter? Is it good practice?

Is that a good idea to make a response regarding user actions like this one? When user about to unsubscribe changing the face to sad and when click cancel makes face happier. Is it good practice? ...
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2 votes
3 answers

How to vet users who apply for discounted subscription license for education

Does anyone know a method for vetting users when people apply for discounted educational licensing with a discount? So far I have looked at: providing a license manually on per user basis when ...
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Which is better to use "Your Plan" or "Current Plan"? in subscribed product [closed]

Which of the two is more effective and not confusing for the subscribes.
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Should a button say "Upgrade subscription" or "Change subscription"?

It's a web app where you can change your subscription plan at any time. There are 5 subscription plans. To change subscription you can directly go to pricing page or go to your profile settings. In ...
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"Buy subscription" or "upgrade account" button?

The user is on a free trial. When user goes to account settings, there's a button that allows to "buy subscription". When a subscription is bought and user want's to change a plan the same button says ...
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3 answers

Opt-in rate of email sign up form

Recently I have added a banner on the right panel of our articles page, which includes an email text box for the user to input their email address, submit and subscribe. A link will be emailed to the ...
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2 votes
2 answers

Top bar versus bottom bar for email subscription offer

Sites sometimes use a bar in order to invite readers to subscribe to their mailing list. In my experience, the majority of sites that do this choose a non-sticky top bar (header). However, it seems ...
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Renew subscription CTA button

our saas web application has 30 days subscription model. we don't use the auto-renew subscription since the user can complete his mission within those days and if not to manually extend the ...
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Why use a descriptive phrase rather than an X to close a pop-up?

On several sites, I’ve noticed a type of email subscription modal pop-up message that can’t be closed by clicking an “X” in the corner, but instead requires clicking on a sentence that describes what ...
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Mobile website subscribe form position

I'm developing (and designing) a products showcase website with mobile-first approach. My company needs a form for users to subscribe to our newsletter. My main problem is that so far my design use ...
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4 answers

Is it ok to introduce subscription plans to the user while they are signing up?

Background: I am working on a commercial mobile app with some opening in the retail market but not a typical consumer app. Users would need to sign up to start exploring what the app can do. This app ...
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In-App Subscription Model

I've developed an iOS app that has a subscription model. Apple offers a 7 - 30 day free subscription period that requires the user taps a button and starts the subscription. Are there any good ...
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1 answer

What ux method can I use to verify the success of Subscription Model of my app? [closed]

I'm currently have an application project but I cannot disclose more information about it. I would like to know what specific methods can I use to verify if the "Subscription Model" idea that I have ...
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It is better to tell a user that is banned or it is better to disguise that he is banned?

I'm building an app and in order to prevent that the banned users roam controls it is better to tell a user that is banned or it is better to disguise that is banned? For example, I could say that ...
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2 answers

What is the effect of rounding counts of artefacts, like books or courses available?

I have been researching to find the right way to display the total number of artefacts, in this case, books available for sale in a website. Another example is the number of courses available in a ...
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Enticing users to join a paid subscription

my client reached out to me with a part of their mobile app, their is a monthly subscription service that shows you customized tutorials on how to apply make up etc.... problem: how can ...
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2 answers

Are "Thank You for Unsubscribing to our Newsletter" emails necessary?

I am about to disable the "Send a Thank You for Unsubscribing to our Newsletter" message for some of our clients as I think it's superfluous and unnecessary. My suggestion was to have an Unsubscribe ...
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