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Questions tagged [style-guide]

A set of guidelines designed to help an individual apply a particular style, often created by designers to help support a front end developer but also used extensively in other fields

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How to deal with centered content on a layout with a sidebar?

I have the following view in my application, where a list of cards containing some information and a button is present. In order to prevent uneeded space within the cards and make the button closer to ...
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2 answers

How wide should my artboard be (Container width)?

I came to a point when I needed to decide what would be the container width for my pages. My project involves designing a web platform with a dashboard and a side menu for navigation. I made a little ...
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User Experience - graph and table

Does anyone know if it's a good UI -UX practice to add multiple select options inside a table?
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How to define label text vs body text?

I am setting up the initial typography style guide for a mobile fintech application, the issue I am stuck with is how to communicate what part of content needs to use "label" style vs "...
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Using Display S, M, L, XL, 2XL instead of H1 -H6 for typography in a Design System Manager (DSM)

I find using specific H1 - H6 is confining since different pages may need a different size H1 and so on. Also instead of making 2 sets for desktop and mobile this would work as one file. Does anyone ...
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