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Questions tagged [storyboard]

Scenarios and storyboarding provide a reality check for your designs, allowing you to see how the interaction will play out in a real environment.

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Empathy maps and storyboarding: Useless?

Storyboarding and empathy maps are techniques frequently taught and discussed in UX education. Having about 2 years under my belt on a small team as a generalist, where I'm involved in all stages ...
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User Scenarios, Journeys, Problem Statements - Tools/Ways to organise multiple scenarios and storyboards

While we're making sense of the research data, we may wish to aggregate that into a set of scenarios, storyboards, or problem statements. I'm wondering if any of you does organise such outputs and, if ...
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What should we focus on when storyboarding? Application interaction or user goals?

I'd like to know in what context do we build "Jobs-To-Be-Done" stories. We are going to build a portal/system for teachers to report certain incidents (currently they are not using any). For example, ...
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Are there good resources for creating a compelling motion graphics / interaction design for a website? [closed]

There are several resources on how to simplify websites… that means know the purpose of the website and go straight to the point in a clear manner. Here are some examples (typically for web ...
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Storyboard vs User Journey

Would someone please explain the difference?
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Pros of cons of storyboarding tools and approaches for bringing user scenarios alive

What are the pros and cons related to storyboarding, as compared to other approaches for gaining an understanding of the problem space? I'm particularly interested in storyboarding scenarios without ...
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Storyboard Workshop, User Story Workshop or Another Usability Workshop?

I'm trying to propose a way to heighten communication for all departments involved within a new project. Primarily we build backend administrative systems, however there is a lack of inter ...
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Storyboard template for webapplication

I am looking out for storyboard widget for axure or powerpoint template which i want to create for a webapplication. Any link would be helpful.
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4 answers

Wireframing StoryBoard as an entire UX design specification (deliverables)

From an IA/UX designer perspective, what do you think about HiFi wireframe storyboard for Web applications, instead of a classic deliverables approach? I have read a very good documentation about ...
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Can a serious gaming app have a drama? [closed]

A good tv series is addictive, a good film makes people cry. The emotions people experience in a film might be transferable into serious gaming (games that serve a purpose), for instance "a loosing ...
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How do you currently manage wireframes and storyboards for software releases?

I'm working on a project which requires wireframing in an Agile environment (2-week sprints). My wireframes and storyboards contain features for immediate release as well planning as for future ...
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