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Best layout tactic for repeated, semi-sequential, nested form inside a bottomsheet [closed]

I am developing a mobile app that offers a GIS utility. As such, the main feature of the app is a map and a graph. In order to run the utility, the user must input 2 locations, i.e. a start and an ...
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Solutions to for displaying chained items in a table

I’m working on a table that displays steps (represented as documents) arranged into chains. Different chains can have different step names and different number of steps. When you click on a step, you ...
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What are some alternatives to accordions?

I need to add "next steps" at the end of a form but there are ~11 steps that I need to add. I want to use an element like an accordion where I can list all the steps but not overwhelm the ...
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User Experience for non linear steps

We are in process of creating guided user experience for simplifying onboarding on multiple processes, services and teams. End User will be tech users only. Our web application will create multiple ...
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How to structure big list of steps in an mobile friendly way?

I need to organize big list of steps in an user friendly way in a mobile app. I was hoping to do it like slider(title + image + description) in onboarding flow but with numbers (ex: 1/20) instead of ...
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Use of summary step at the end of Wizard UI?

I am designing a wizard about adding events on a calendar. The last step of the wizard is the summary of the user's choices. Is it obligatory to use it, or can I skip it? PS. Number of Steps with ...
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Should I use wizards steps if the user won't finish all the steps at the same day?

I'm currently designing a system and there is this specific functionality that the user has to complete a series of steps, but the last step won't be completed at the same day (it has a specific day ...
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What is the best way to statistically analyze a score system and number of steps for users?

I'm trying to analyze two measurements, the number of steps it takes the user to complete a task on a website, and a ranking rubric of 1 - 3 (1 is simple and 3 is considered difficult) for each step ...
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Correct sequence of steps for a multi-step workflow

I'm working on a project where a logged-in user(nurse) has to complete a multistep workflow in order to enroll patients into their doctor's records system. The workflow needs to capture: Patient Name/...
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scrolling vs stepping for labelling a large number of things

I'm not sure if this is the correct place to ask this question but I'll try anyway. I have a webapp where the user has to label a large number of separate examples, say 200 of them. Each example is ...
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Is it bad to dynamically add wizard steps?

I'm designing a 5-step wizard where the user sees the steps during the wizard, so he knows where he is the whole time. However, in the first step I prompt the user with a question and if he answers "...
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Creating a clickable progress stepper

I've got a page editor that gives users the option to indicate their progress. I've got a couple options I'm considering pictured here, but the problem is indicating to the user that they need to ...
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Best way to display progress trackers (progress indicators)

I have a form with multiple steps (at least eight), only a step is displayed once on the screen. What is the best way to display progress trackers (progress indicators): progress bar; steppers (...
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Term name of Step By Step Form

I'm planing to contribute Web Components as open source. what is the interface term name for Step by Step Form.
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Should I put a back button on my form wizard?

Currently I'm designing a form wizard which will be use in the website. My reason for not putting the button on the form is because I want the user to never press back and so must finish the form. My ...
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Is it good practise to highlight step number instead of step name in multi step form design?

Is it a good practise to highlight step number more compare to your step name? In my current example, we have step no. highlighted and bigger in size that it gets all attention. Not sure if this is a ...
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