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Questions tagged [statistics]

Statistics about a software usage.

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4 votes
2 answers

Statistics (or tools) on screen calibration & readability

Fairly straight forward question, but I could not find any answers to it. Are there any known statistics regarding screen calibration & readability? Are there any colors to avoid where screen ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Stats on percentage of desktop and laptop computers with high resolution monitors

Mobile phones and tablets nowadays all come with high-resolution (pixel density) screens. New Apple computers come with at least 218 pixels/inch. – Does anyone know the percentage of desktop and ...
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Presenting selling statistics for multiple tags per each sold item in mobile application

I am writing application mobile (React native) application that lists items that users buy and sell. Each item can be tagged with some tags. I want to present some statistics statistics like: profit ...
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Statistical breakdown of use of naked vs www and http vs https when users type URLs?

When users type URLs into the browser (i.e. in order to visit a web page), of the 6 possible permutations, what is the percent of the time that each permutation is entered? http://example....
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