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Questions tagged [spell-checking]

the action of a tool or individual to work through a block of text and mark any mispellings and/or suggest corrections. A spell checker is a software tool, often a plugin for a larger application, which automates this process and can do it in real time.

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1 answer

How to suggest spellcheck corrections for search input?

When user types in an invalid phrase in the search field (e.g. with a typo), server suggest corrections of particular words. Unfortunately, it does not suggest full phrases - only corrections to ...
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Spellcheck on Website - multiple fields

I have a site with a page that contains multiple editable fields with html values. User can click in them and edit the text inside them. Note that the fields are present in a grid with PAGER. For ...
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2 votes
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Distinguishing spell check from link

I want to display misspelled words within text in HTML that are detected by a spell checker. I simply put the misspelled words in a <span> element, and made the color red, and the text-...
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What does "Ignore" and "Ignore All" really mean in Spell Check

Let's look at the below statement: What happens when you ignore the word "beleeve" from the sentence. It ignores it for the current session. If a new session is created it shows it as an error. It ...
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Passive Aggressive (consider revising) - will spell checker detect possible inappropriate language?

On occasion I'm in the wrong mood for writing e-mails, word documents and presentations. I know when that happens, and I "let it snow" a little before submitting. But if this was possible to detect, I'...
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