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Spam is the use/abuse of electronic messaging systems (e.g. e-mail) to send unsolicited messages indiscriminately (typically in bulk).

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How to prevent users from spamming the system with record updates back and forth? [closed]

I have struggled with the UX for this general problem for quite some time, and not sure the best way to handle it. The basic problem is, imagine a user submitting a dictionary term. Say you can ...
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Blocking a conversation in a PM system

I'm making a PM system (private messages) on my website. I want users to be able to block a conversation if the sender is spamming or being very unprofessional, for example. For the user who blocks ...
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What is the difference between "report spam" and "report abuse"?

In collaborative tools, users can sometimes leave inappropriate comments. Platforms try to deal with that by allowing users report inappropriate stuff. Google+ uses "report abuse", as a button in the ...
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Which message to show after user clicks "Report spam"?

The context: It's a collaboration app, where different people gather to work on the same project. The principle is like the GitHub. So, imagine if GitHub had an inbuilt messenger and you could message ...
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Abusive use of "Share" button

Hi :) Our team is making a game for mobile, and now we're developing the shop. When you buy something, it displays a "congratulations" pop up. We've added some "share" options on the level Up popup, ...
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E-mail address or contact form on web page to avoid spambots?

Hello I have a client that is using an email address for contact us. Spam bots have been harvesting their email address off the page. My preference is to use a contact form with a captcha. Is there a ...
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Should posts that are removed by a moderator still be visible to the author?

Imagine a site like When a user creates a comment, which is subsequently removed by a moderator, it will show up as "[removed]". To the authenticated author however, it will still look ...
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Blocking duplicates vs penalizing duplicates

Consider a website where users can post house advertisements for free. Obviously, there should generally be one ad per address. If someone tries to create a duplicate for an address, then they are ...
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Are there any UX guidelines for preventing a user from submitting multiple form submissions?

For example, if I'm a hairstylist and I want to provide my users with an ability to schedule an appointment with me online, outside of using a text verification code, is there any way of preventing ...
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How to ensure e-mail deliverability with a single opt-in? [closed]

I have a mailing list of opt-in only recipients. No e-mail confirmation was sent after registration. Now, I need to send a newsletter to the entire mailing list. I have tested on seeder e-mails in ...
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Dealing with spam accounts

I recently found that users have been creating spam accounts on my website. In the past few minutes one user created 15 accounts that were quite clearly spam. How should I handle spam accounts? ...
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Handle users who go against websites terms

I'm unsure which stack community to post on, but I felt this was the most appropriate. I have a report user function on my website. If a user is reported, they are given a warning and then a ban if ...
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Do they need to confirm their email... twice?

My site sends reminder emails to users 2-5 years in the future. Users log in via a 3rd party API. The third party gives me the name, email, phone, etc. of the user when they log into my site. What I ...
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Does the average user understand what an Internet robot is?

It seems that most text labels for SPAM-filtering tests use phrases like “prove you’re not a robot” or “prove you’re a human”. But do non-technical users understand that non-humans can access the ...
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An alternative to reCAPTCHA, which is already solved and proven, BUT consisting on operations, images or questions, instead of distorted characters?

I'm working on a service request form, between 5 and 10 fields (depending on the service). *And, possibly, a recaptcha that the Security team is asking us to add. The case is a user requesting an on-...
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How best to provide contact info in a member directory while preventing 'data harvesting'?

I am working on a searchable online directory. People will use it to find other members, service providers, and the like. It's critical that the results include contact data. However, my clients are ...
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actual effects of "bozo room" anti-sock-puppet strategy

Recently a co-worker described to me a concept that he called the "bozo room" as a way to control spam, trolling and sock-puppeting in message boards, etc. I'd like to know if it has ever been ...
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Is there an easier and more user friendly alternative to CAPTCHA?

I'm working on setting up a CAPTCHA on a project, and just thought about the user experience of it. I personally find them tedious, especially if they're too difficult. Even these are pretty easy ...
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What are some good ways to ban people?

I'd like to implement several types of ban of my website, not just the "classical one" (i.e. being unable to log in). My website is a Q&A one, if this can help. Some time ago, I read an article ...
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Why users should solve the problem of spam by solving capchas? [closed]

Why the problem of spam should be solved by users? Why user should prove that he is not spammer? Maybe it would be better for spammers to prove that he is real user? Having javascript on the client ...
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Are spam bots actually better than real users at solving captcha codes? [closed]

The spam bots are pretty good. Anyone with an app with a comment system can confirm. So, since they know to solve them, they do it pretty quick, as apposed to humans, who take on average 28.4 seconds (...
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Will users consider an invitation to a seminar a commercial solicitation? [closed]

From an email marketing perspective, could an invitation to a seminar be seen as a commercial solicitation? In respect to the CAN-SPAM Act, I would't think that a seminar is a product or a service, ...
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Generic/vague error messages to pass to spammy users?

Sometimes users spam by creating tons of fake accounts from an IP address, or entering in a fraudulent credit card. In both cases, telling the spammer that the IP address or card is fraudulent will ...
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