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available screen space is limited or already cramped with functionality.

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How to keep list of selected items when search / filter / facets change - without taking up too much space?

I'm designing a multi-page/step wizard/flow where one of the pages needs to focus on findability and extensive filtering options - but also selecting (or deselecting them across searches). Since the ...
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Good way to fit lots of numeric/config information on one screen

The goal is for the user to be able to configure what they want, and then "Do something" to their selected "thing," usually more than once, and see the results. This screen is ...
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Line Height and space between paragraphs? [duplicate]

As to improve user experience, what is the standard line height for a 12 px font size? And what is the standard space between paragraphs for 12 px (font size) body text?
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Displaying multiple filter options

We are building a software which contains a lot of data throughout a lot of tables. The structure of the page consists of - an action bar where filters and on row selection action buttons appear ...
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How to choose specific item from a list of items with long names, without taking up lots of space?

So, I have a survey analytics app (SaaS) that provides a dashboard view with (among other things) charts of results from answers to individual questions. Currently we provide a sidebar that shows a ...
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Display multiple options while preserving as much screen real-estate as possible

INTRODUCTION AND RELEVANT INFORMATION: I am designing user interface for entering test results. Number of tests performed range from no tests performed at all, up to 12. Let me try to explain this ...
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How to fit a MREC (Medium Rectangle ad) into a sidebar?

I've seen some great sidebar designs (like filters for listing pages) and the list or grid to the right of it. My problem is that these seem to only be quite thin and fitting a 300px by 250px MREC ...
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What is the best way to display an icon for removing the row in a table?

I am designing a system where users need to be able to delete a table row. Originally I had a 'remove' button, but that has now changed to an icon in the interest of saving space. I have used a red '...
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revealing more information about an item: Slide-in on hover vs Flip on click

What should I take into consideration when making a decision about the right transition to use to reveal more info about an item? Do I use a slide-in on hover or flip item on click to reveal more ...
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Indicating sort direction without increasing horizontal space

I have a table that is very tight horizontally. Each column in the table is sortable by clicking the title of the header. As you can see, on most columns there is just not enough room for the ...
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How to layout an icon, text and number within limited space?

If I have limited space, typically narrow enough that I cannot just spell things normally like "4 Strength" or "Strength 4", as this shrinks the font to nearly unreadable. How can I layout an icon, ...
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How to compare two items side by side within limited space on iPad?

I'm building an inventory feature for my game and have ran into an issue where I need to modify my existing inventory layout or introduce way to allow side by side comparison of two items. Each item ...
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Need to display multi-select menu component with limited space

I am looking for a solution to display a multi-select option. Currently, we have a drop-down menu, but that is not very intuitive if user has to make multiple selections. Any suggestions on how to ...
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Would the users be able to understand "emp" as "employee" if I have space constraints? [closed]

I have to show employee status in a place but I have a space constraint. Will the users be able to understand "emp" as "employee"?
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Where should a UIButton be to add cells to a tableView?

I have a limited amount of space in a new options menu I designed (much like a combination of twitter's scrollViewTexturedBackGround colored table, with notification center's custom headers, and ...
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Wanted: terms and info for "display density" / "space conciousness" by Gmail

In gmail, the contents of the page is beautifully laid out with regards to how big the browser window is. There are three modes: Comfortable, Cozy, and Compact. There is a menu for switching manually, ...
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