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How do you manage spacing between text styles in different context?

I am using texts in different context and thus I am changing the padding depending on the context. (as in the attached image) Regarding collaboration with developer what is the good practice ? ...
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Is the 8pt grid a meaningful tool?

In figuring out how well-known companies apply spacing in designing interfaces, I looked at a couple of mobile websites. Virtually none of them seem to apply a consistent grid system. Google, Booking ...
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How do you handle spacing from text to other UI elements?

I do not know how to handle spacing between text and other elements of the UI. If I want to separate my text from another element with a spacing of 16px should I start to measure from the end of the ...
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Dealing with too much white space

I am working on some wireframes for an app. The app has a lot of short flows that usually require filling two inputs fields or have a small FAQ as seen in the examples below. I tried looking the ...
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How to deal with a surplus of space in a filter dropdown?

I'm redesigning a filter feature for my company, and I'm running into a problem where I have a surplus of space relative to the small amount of UI elements (see image). I initially thought about just ...
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How to incorporate error messages in a form?

If I am designing a form, how do I incorporate error messages during live inline validation? Should I leave enough white space between input fields from the beginning to accommodate such error ...
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What problems exist with removing the navigation bar during the checkout process?

I am working on a application that allows users to buy games. There is a sidebar with the global navigation throughout the whole app. And I am now wondering if I can hide the sidebar during the ...
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Mailto links in limited space

I'm working on a table used to display personal details. An email address is captured, and the requirement is to: Let users with a mail client configured click on a link to send an email Let users ...
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Should I fill empty space with more information or leave it empty?

I'm working on an application where the user is shown a map with some data on it. In mapping, there are different ways to classify the data, so the client would like to give the user the ability to ...
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Should I use a single or double space after a period?

In a paragraph of multiple sentences, should there be one or two spaces after each sentence's period for readability? The paragraph is typed in Arial font. It is size 11 font. The monitor it is being ...
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How can I show a "list" of all the showtimes of a single in multiple theaters?

There are 5 movie theaters that belong to the same company; most of them show the same movies. The number of movie theaters might increase over time (they just opened a new one already; the company ...
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Should I have a limit on my cache?

I am building an application that can be used to load many large pictures. Once the pictures are loaded into the interface, it provides thumbnails of the larger images. The user can then interact with ...
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Good examples of negative space used in popular software / UXs?

The negative space is quite popular in both typography and vector art; I haven't found any good example or guideline in real UX yet. I'm also assuming that negative space can be "bad" because it ...
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Why are clients afraid of empty space?

At first everybody agrees about the simplification need and the "less is more" theory. But when it comes to design, they are uncomfortable to see a minimalist page and want it to be filled with ...
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