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Explain difference, and timeline of Pilot test vs Beta test?

Hopefully this question works here... During a meeting, we realized our team didn't have consensus on what a pilot test was vs what a beta test was - or when it occurs, and who it's with. Some online ...
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How should software tools interpret relative paths in settings files?

I write a lot of software tools to simplify tasks. Some of these follow a workflow like this: In the terminal I type the command to invoke the tool The tool reads some configuration file from disk ...
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Why do software developers frequently put the burden onto the user to install software dependencies?

I can't tell you how many times I've downloaded some software, expected to install it in seconds and be using it immediately, only to be harassed during the installation process to install all kinds ...
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UX in an iterative software development life cycle process?

I am aware about the iterative model of software development life cycles. However, I have been Googling around and trying to find out more about various of tools that can be used in a software ...
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How to collaborate with UX developers

Currently my team (a product team) designs mockups of UI impovements and enhancements using screenshots painfully stitched together. We then pass them off to the technology team who tries to replicate ...
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Where should UX be in a B2B software development process?

Established process of software development in our company does not include UX. Business analytics gather functional and non-functional requirement, make UML diagrams, formulate development tasks, ...
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May specialized professional software allow user to do something wrong?

Thanks in advance, and sorry for my English if incorrect, and not knowing correct terms straight away. Fist of all, let me try to explain what I mean by specialized professional software. Say there ...
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Where is the intersection between Information Architecture with Software Architecture?

Where is the intersection between Information Architecture with Software Architecture? When you start a new project, usually the software architecture starts its development and UX designer begins ...
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Are there studies about software ergonomics with data glasses?

I saw this post about usability heuristics for wearables. Since such devices seem to be tech trendy, if I may say, I assumed there would be some studies about ergonomics with A-R glasses, yet I can't ...
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2 answers

Which keyboard shortcuts to chose on cross-platform software?

I've joined a team of devs working on an open source software project which is supposed to run accross multiple platfroms (Windows, Mac, Linux, ...). I'm assigned to a task which includes reviewing ...
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Any tools to help communicate design specs to Engineering?

I am in need of a fairly robust way to communicate Element, Component (& scaffolding) design specs. to Engineering. At this point they are in a defensive posture and are asking for deltas and ...
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2 answers

Are UML class diagrams necessary for designing UIs?

I want to design UI prototypes and wireframes, based on Use case diagrams, activity diagrams and sequence diagrams to represents the flow and process relation. Is it necessary to include the class ...
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