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A mobile phone with an advanced mobile operating system which combines features of a personal computer operating system with other features useful for mobile or handheld use.

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What is a small screen alternative for drag and drop?

I have a drag and drop question that looks good on full-screen but I can't shrink it down for phone screens so well. The page is navigating from top to bottom and has various knowledge checks as you ...
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Advanced search query builder on smart phone

I'm developing a Windows Phone 8 app where all the pages are in portrait orientation. I have the problem of designing/porting this kind of a GUI to smart phones: download bmml source – ...
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2D action shooter "left-to-right" VS "bottom-to-top" experience

Which type of games is more suited for users on mobile platforms (phones, tablets) considering their thumbs movement? LEFT TO RIGHT like in R-Type? or BOTTOM TO TOP like in Xenon?
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Choosing which mobile devices to use for usability testing

When performing usability tests on mobile devices the results are influenced by the devices tested on. For example different sizes, OS-versions, resolution etc. To conduct a thorough test it is ...
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Phone or Tablet mockups: chicken or the egg?

What form factor should we start with, when the boss asks for "mobile" wireframes? Should we choose phone, full-sized tablet, or "mini" tablet - and why? I am finding the Nexus 7 a good starting ...
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Do touch screens have a harmful psychological effect on people? [closed]

The touch screen is a radical change in the control of machines. For centuries, machines were operated by physical buttons. Perhaps the most important aspect of user experience for a physical device ...
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Should I provide the option to change the language in an app?

Smartphones settings allow you to choose a default language thereby ensuring your application displays in that language. Is it useful to provide an option to change this language within my application ...
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new type of hours input

I'm building an app for Smartphone devices where the user needs to input his hours per task (a.k.a timesheet) Unlike traditional keyboard, I designed an input for hours and minutes as the following ...
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Touchscreen: Select small zones from a huge scrollable image

My app lets the user take a picture of a sheet of paper, then select a block of 2-3 words, then another block. The user must be able to clearly read the (potentially tiny) written words, so she will ...
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Swipe indicators on a small screen

My Android app has a screen that displays the details of an item selected from a list, as shown above. The screen allows the user to scroll to the next or previous item in the list by swiping ...
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Do smartphone users understand the term 'Push Notifications'?

We're including opt-in (on/off) for push notifications in an app, and I've heard feedback from project managers that some of the language might be too technical for the average shopper, like 'Push ...
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How to solve overly deep hierarchy navigation on mobile device?

I’m reading Jakobs Nielsens new mobile usability book. There is an example of a mobile site that suffers from an overly deep hierarchy (5 levels in total) In the example users need to navigate through ...
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Lateral Navigation with swipe views and tabs together with mapview

I've recently designed a new Android Application for a theme park. According to Android Design Guidelines: If your app uses action bar tabs, use swipe to navigate between the different views. ...
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What are the reasons why the mobile apps market is more developed and active than the desktop one?

What are the reasons why the mobile apps market is more developed and active than the desktop one?
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