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MacOS update to support smaller screen sizes

Is Apple going to release a software update to make 13 inch and 14 inch Macs more readable and more optimized for user experience?
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Semantic Elements and Text Formatting in HTML5

Almost every website, book, article, newspaper, etc... that contains copyrights, caveat, disclaimers, etc... displays it in small font text. Now... I'm doing a research about Semantic Elements and ...
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Are there any design patterns for positioning controls and other items on the round screen of smartwatch?

I am designing the smartwatch application for the round smartwatch screen and have problems in deciding, how to position elements on it. For the simple item-by-item list, the round shape forces huge ...
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How can I show a "list" of all the showtimes of a single in multiple theaters?

There are 5 movie theaters that belong to the same company; most of them show the same movies. The number of movie theaters might increase over time (they just opened a new one already; the company ...
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HTML5 small tag font size

In HTML5, the <small> tag "represents side comments such as small print...typically features disclaimers, caveats, legal restrictions, or copyrights." 1 We use this as a footnote to a table, ...
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Determining small information display duration

I have to display some information about a battery system on a very limited display. It only has a four characters dot lcd display space, so the most common thing I saw for this was alternating the ...
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What is a small screen alternative for drag and drop?

I have a drag and drop question that looks good on full-screen but I can't shrink it down for phone screens so well. The page is navigating from top to bottom and has various knowledge checks as you ...
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Interact with small objects

The objects (the small squares) can be selected/deselected. The small objects are contained in the larger container box. There can be several container boxes rowed up on the x axis. I would ...
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