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slides usability - auto play or not?

Im talking about the mini-slideshow many websites have on their front pages, where the slides change automatically, but the user can navigate by clicking on small circles below the slide. Problems ...
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How many images should a slideshow carousel rotate automatically?

How many images should be updated or rotated in on a slideshow carousel that features things like products or articles?
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How many photos should be in a slideshow for mobile on page load?

We have a slideshow which displays one photo at a time. The user can click or swipe through back and forth. Right now we're loading in 10 to start, but there is no actual research behind the decision. ...
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Is there an optimal timing for gif animation [closed]

I have a few 500px by 400px .gif files that contain slideshow-like animations to describe how my website works. I set the frames to change between the rate of 500ms and 1000ms. I am wondering what is ...
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