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when to add different skins and themes to a desktop application [closed]

What characteristics a software (for Desktop) should have to consider different themes and skins for it? Suppose you are asked to come up with list of features that software ABC should support. Now ...
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Trying to create a decent semi-flat design. Failing [closed]

We hit a snag in our project: We've only got a few weeks till launch and the designer who was to make a skin for our product has not delivered the (very) goods. I took a stab at creating a skin for ...
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Better to Auto-change skins or allow selection?

I am designing a site with 3 basic skins. Each skin corresponds to a "team". Generally these teams face off about once a week or so in major tournaments, and one of the 3 teams will always win. For ...
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How important is the ability to change the color theme on a desktop application?

At my company we create Windows desktop applications using Microsoft's .Net (WPF to be specific). The window or "chrome" is completely customized, meaning that we do not use the standard Windows ...
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Are there any advantages on skinnable user interfaces? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: When would you prefer a custom/skinned user interface in a desktop application? Many applications are skinnable. Firefox, Chrome, WMP, WinAmp, many other media players… In my ...
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What are good examples of custom/skinned user interfaces? [closed]

In relation to the question of when should you skin your application (desktop apps, not web pages, which are almost always customised), it seems a real fact, that sometimes you just have to do it, ...
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Seasonal changes to the user interface? [closed]

Partially adapting the UI for the holidays is not an uncommon practice. This is also humorously known as the season of: "the client wants snow on the logo". Do you have any good, funny or dreadful ...
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When would you prefer a custom/skinned user interface in a desktop application?

I'm working on an application whose UI is skin-based, but it looks a little bit old (its graphics were designed more than 5 yeas ago). It's not clear to me whether we should consider a redesign or get ...
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