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a rapidly executed freehand drawing that is not usually intended as a finished work

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How do you signify different text sizes and font weights in paper wireframes?

When sketching wireframes on paper, we normally use lines to indicate text. How do you indicate visual weight for different text sizes, though?
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Is sketching an ideation method?

I was creating my case studies and while I was explaining my design process(design thinking in that case), I fell into this dilemma. Where should I include SKETCHING, ideation or prototype phase? In ...
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Should I use SVG or PNG in Xamarin Forms for iOS and Android? [closed]

If we use PNG - for iOS we will use @x1 @x2 @x3 size per image (which is just a click a way in Zeplin/Sketch). For Android around 5 image sizes, meaning we have to maintain 8 PNG images per graphic ...
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Sketch: how to create colour palette in symbols page [closed]

I'm new to the Mac app Sketch, and I've been watching a few tutorials where a color palette (a grid of colored rectangles) is created on the symbols page, and a color from the palette is assigned to ...
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How can I collect and archive my sketches [closed]

I need your help if you can, so how you turn brief into a rough sketches for app & web design (need examples plz).
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How to Start Conceptualizing a Web Design Experience

I am going to design my first website. Basically, a redesign of a website I care for. I've been identifying goals and functional needs. Now I want to see if I can get the experience right or more ...
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Does a casual interface make a task like wireframing easier? UX of Balsamiq vs Sketch

Ok so this question comes in mind after dealing with multiple prototyping tools out there. Lets consider two - Balsamiq and Sketch for this discussion. Is there some agreement in saying, that the ...
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How to present paper sketches to a remote client?

My process, at the very start, usually involves loads of back and forth feedback because I rather show the client something as soon as possible to see if I'm going in the right direction and like that ...
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Is 'Mobile first' a suitable approach for creative workshop with non-interaction designers?

I'm going to lead a creative workshop for a tech company that want to make a new product that resembles an app-store. The goal of the workshop is to come up with concepts, sketches and mockups for a ...
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Should you sketch out each page/section before wireframing?

When sketching should you sketch out how each page or section will look before beginning to wireframe?
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Scanning pencil sketches [closed]

I do a lot of pencil and paper wireframing and would like to be able to faithfully scan my sketches. All my scans and photos have been terrible and I wonder if anybody else has faced and solved this ...
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I'm looking for a graphical versioning system for sketches, wireframes etc

Up to now I've gathered so many sketches, wireframes, icons and mockups for all different kinds of projects and customers I have supported or worked for. Digital and on paper. I have noticed that I ...
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What are some great resources for improving UI/UX sketching and designing skills? [closed]

I was hoping to see if anyone could help me out by sharing suggestions for great places to check out for tutorials, worksheets, tips and even books to improve ui design skill. This would perhaps be ...
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How do you convince your employer that sketching is important?

I'm a strong believer of sketching UIs before booting up a computer. That said I haven't been lucky in the past where my employers thought otherwise. It has happened to me on a couple of occasions, ...
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Printable sketch templates for Android phones [closed]

Can you recommend a printable sketch template ("idea sheet"/6up) for Android phones? Preferably, the template should contain several real-size screens to sketch on. Here's what I'm using for iPhone,...
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How to solve Design/UX problems using more tangible/fun techniques?

I am trying to compile a list of interesting/more tangible methods of solving UX/Creative problems - whether it be as individual, in small groups, workshops, in user testing etc... I am already ...
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How was this ux sketchy made? [closed]

Does anyone know how this sketchy UI image is made? Is it Balsamiq Mockups?
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Which UI/UX sketching software is recommended? [closed]

Which UI/UX sketching software do you use and would recommend? Why?
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Are there any online resources, such as courses/tutorials/blogs, about UI/UX sketching? [closed]

So, I've read Sketching User Experience by Bill Buxton and several blogs discussion how to start the ideation process in a good way with sketching. I've also read about different pens, such as Copic ...
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What tools (ideally affordable ones) would folks recommend for creating a website wireframe? [closed]

What tools (ideally affordable ones) would folks recommend for creating a website wireframe? What tools have you used, and did you find them better than pen and paper?