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Course page with multiple registration options

I'm designing a website where people register for courses (online or physical/in-class). The difference with other websites is that every course may have multiple registration options (multiple sign-...
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Can I use an Infield Top-aligned label text field for a mobile number?

Is it appropriate to use an Infield Top-aligned (IFTA) label text field for mobile numbers where the country code can be changed
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Using a single email field to navigate to login if account exists or else to sign up

Are there any usability studies on the preference for the following Login/Sign up scenario. On the first page of the mobile application, you will see a field to enter the email address. If the email ...
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Asking the user's goal in the Signup or first time Sign in?

I want to qualify users in a SaaS product and understand how to bucket these users into use cases. Still, I wonder what's the best moment to add this question and reducing onboarding friction. Is the ...
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Quantifying the impact of offering alternative signup/login methods?

Nowadays it's common for websites to offer signup/signin methods that don't require making an account (email/password) for that specific site, for example 'Login with x': Facebook Google Twitter ...
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How to show different educational institutions' login options in an app?

I'm working on a mobile application where users, apart from being able to login and sign up with accounts made directly on the app, have the ability to login directly with their educational ...
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Should a sign up for two different accounts be split into two pages?

Let's say there is a sign up for merchant and customers. Is it okay if I make the sign up page for the both of them on one page? I added an image here as an example. The sign up is for merchants and ...
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Need to have 2 sticky buttons - Signup and chat

I have a client requirement to have 2 sticky buttons on the home page. One is for signup and the other is for the Chatbot. I need suggestions on which placement would be better with least impact on ...
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Should we allow email invitations sent to an email address to be used with another?

Let's say I have a SaaS platform, like a B2B platform where there are company accounts. In this platform users can invite other users to join the company account by sending them an invitation link in ...
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How to merge login/signup into one option

Currently for our platform, we are using facebook login & Mobile number verification for login and sign up pages. User does not need to have any additional password to complete his registration. ...
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Linking to registration email URL after a signup form

So, today I was working on the 'thank you for... page' at the company that hired me. It is a page that is shown after the user 'requests' an offer for a certain treatment. Because of privacy rights we ...
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