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What's the logic behind hilghlighting "sign up" on home page as opposed to "sign in"?

For instance, I wasn't logged in to Github on my phone. So, I go to their website to find that there is no sign in button as opposed to a sign up one. (Notice that sign up is all over the place. ...
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Using a single email field to navigate to login if account exists or else to sign up

Are there any usability studies on the preference for the following Login/Sign up scenario. On the first page of the mobile application, you will see a field to enter the email address. If the email ...
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Asking the user's goal in the Signup or first time Sign in?

I want to qualify users in a SaaS product and understand how to bucket these users into use cases. Still, I wonder what's the best moment to add this question and reducing onboarding friction. Is the ...
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Best practice for SSO sign-in to application - Embedded or external window?

We're currently in the middle of redesigning our agent app and we're wondering what is the best practice to sign in to the agent using SSO.. The main flows we found are: External browser window where ...
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Changing login method from email/social to One-time password

There are existing users who login with their email or social accounts. How will existing users login if we get rid of social and email login?
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2 answers

Pro's and Con's of having Register/login vs. only login

What do you guys think is better for the user experience: Having single sign in: New User/Returning User --> Sign in Modal --> social button --> Authentication --> User Home New User/...
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Why do many companies hide their navigation during the Sign-In and/or Sign-Up flow?

I have been tasked with designing a sign in flow, but I have noticed that many companies hide their site navigation during their sign in/sign on flows. I've seen quite a few articles on designing ...
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2 answers

How long do you keep your customers logged in? (sessions and authentication)

I was curious how long do you think we should keep users logged in before they're required to sign in with username and password again? I was wondering if there's any resources or studies done to ...
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What's the best signing up a user through social login?

I'm working on a project whereby both email and phone number is required from the user. The user is able to sign up by email or through their social account. From my understanding of social sign ups ...
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Login form: User ID and Password in same page vs User ID in the first page and password in the next [duplicate]

Some major sites like Google and Amazon take 2-page approach for signin. They first ask for ID and in the next page ask for password. What is the advantage in this against single page signin process? ...
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What is the disadvantage of automatically determine for the user whether it is a sign-in or a sign-up based on whether email exist?

There is question Is it good to automatically sign up a user if he doesnt have an account?, but they focus on OAuth signin. They answer it is better because there is less friction, more convenient. ...
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1 vote
2 answers

What does a federated or federation sign on mean for the UI?

A product manager recently explained that we want to start looking into a federated sign in to work more nicely with our partners. He suggested a two-step sign in approach (like google accounts) where ...
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2 votes
3 answers

Sign in form design - asking for advice on a mockup

I attached mockups of a sign in form with their validation "versions". I would really appreciate some comments about that, especially about the one(s) on the bottom, because I think it violates a few ...
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2 answers

CTA focus for Sign up or Sign in?

In my web registration form I have signup/signin button options (CTAs). I do not want to confuse the user with two bright and obvious CTA buttons, myself and my client would much rather have just one ...
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Studies on Sign In Authentication Error Messages

So, after browsing other threads, I found some information on the question of when a user is logging in, and fails to authenticate do we give the user the message "Username or Password is incorrect" ...
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2 votes
1 answer

How do you define on which step app has to ask user to sign up?

How to define certain step in the app where user will be asked to sign up? If there are requirements, that the daily task manager app design should contain sign up & login. But what if we don't ...
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Email registered by someone else - First time Login / Register

I am working on a system where the administrators can add information about potential users. So a user can exist without even knowing it. Current Login: At this moment there is an extra input field ...
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What's the difference between 'sign up' and 'sign in' with Facebook? [duplicate]

In Airbnb, I see that the user can 'sign up' with Facebook or 'sign in' with Facebook. What is the difference between sign up and sign in? Do these options actually perform different actions?
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Registration and login on single form [duplicate]

I am working on an application, where i would like the user to first register and than log in to the application. Can i make the user perform both actions from a single form i.e. as soon as he ...
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Is there a better way rather than forcing a double sign-in? Inspired by Youtube commenting by Google plus

This is an awkward question, combined with a irritated observation. Please forgive the irritated tone. I am very frustrated by the repeated messages I get on YouTube if I want to do as little as ...
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Best way to handle email verification before checking the user's password?

I'm creating an online service that requires users to sign in with their email address, and before they can sign in on a new device, they have to confirm it with an email message in their inbox. The ...
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8 votes
3 answers

Patterns for sign-in & registration forms that show password as plain text (unmasked)?

Jakob Nielsen suggested it in 2009 (, and Luke W concurs (, but are there any real-world implementations ...
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