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What is the best way for a Seller to change a shipping provider for product delivery?

I am currently designing a checkout flow in Figma for our e-commerce website. We are a B2B marketplace where galleries can post their artworks for sale. Our website partnered with a shipping company. ...
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Should we communicate the shipping *progress* here, or will it be redundant?

We're a small e-commerce business. A few weeks after we've shipped an order, we'll be checking in with customers to see if everything's okay. The e-mail will have three clickable options for them to ...
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Should I use shipping estimate calculator on product page?

It's almost like common sense (at least by observing many different online stores) to show a shipping estimate cost on the shopping cart page. With this, the user have the information of how much the ...
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How to show & change different states of a system for supply chain

Two ways I can think of in regards to supply chain is a drop down showing order status such as not started, processed shipped. Or a slider like mechanism showing progress towards the end similar to ...
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Should I store ZipCode on Storage?

I'm working on an e-commerce website and there is the zip code field (in Brazil we call it CEP) that is a data that can be very usefull, for example, I can get most of the address information (city, ...
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2 answers

Best practice for delivery dates

I work for a company that ships products worldwide. When communicating delivery expections to customers, is it better to have real dates ("Delivery on Septemeber 9th") or number of days ("Delivery in ...
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3 votes
4 answers

Progress Indicator for Slow Progress Process

I am designing a quick reference status indicator for a customer facing application. We would like to allow our users to check their status with our help desk, though that process only has three ...
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What is the best way to add a different billing address in a e-commerce website?

I'm a UX designer, actually working on a e-commerce website template. Here are my doubts : When users want to buy a product, the moment they are doing the address form, if they want to receive the ...
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UI Pattern for selection list - feedback and suggestions

I'm designing an ecommerce checkout process and I would like to get some feedback or other ideas on how to visually display the shipping options for customers. Currently we have 3 options, regular, ...
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Should I put the PayPal option at the beginning or middle of a purchase experience?

PayPal stores user addresses for quick shipping entry. The question I have is, should I have the PayPal vs. native pay option right at the front of the process, so all information is handled by PayPal ...
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What is a common way to communicate to users that their package will ship in more than one box?

I've got a project where I'm going to be working on the way an eCommerce website will be communicating to the user that their purchase will be shipped in two boxes. I'm most interested in eCommerce ...
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Is it better to include shipping cost in the product price?

Assume you want to buy a product online The first shop offer 50€ and there is 10€ of shipping cost. The second shop offer 60€ but with free shipping cost. download bmml source – Wireframes ...
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Why do address forms ask for the US state?

Inspired by Why do credit card forms ask for Visa, MasterCard, etc.? - Why is it standard for web sites in the United States to ask for ZIP code and state? Asking for the state is redundant. The ...
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What is the UI design for summarising multiple packages for multiple orders in an e-commerce site?

I'm looking for the best way for a customer to track their e-commerce orders in a summary format. The difficulty is, there may be several packages to ship for each order. A customer may have placed ...
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Tracking Shipment Progress

I am currently in the process of designing an application where customers can log on and see a list of all of their existing orders and view where the current transit progress is. Just like FedEx or ...
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