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a setting affects system function and performance.

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Mobile: Suggested Dual-Action for settings

We currently have the problem of having a 'setting' needing to perform 3 different actions. See below: The circled setting needs to perform these 3 actions. (A)The user needs to quickly toggle the ...
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Is it normal for users to ask for more detail than should really be implemented?

I just released my first ever application into the world and asked for feedback. I was surprised by the feedback, because the users are asking for a lot of detail. They seem to want a user interface ...
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Usability - Testing Windows applications under different settings

I'm testing a Windows application for usability. While I thought the application looked pretty usable at first, I tried the application using the "Large text" setting in Windows 7 and realised that ...
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When is the appropriate time to use the "i" icon in an app?

I am currently debating if: The "i" icon should only be used when the target page\view only displays additional information. (help text, credits, about, terms & conditions, etc.) The "i" icon can ...
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