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a setting affects system function and performance.

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What's the best practice for placement of settings menu in a webapp or website?

I was wondering is there any reason behind placing "settings" alongside other menu items and placing it inside profile or some other menu? Can anyone tell me what's the difference?
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Screen-size based layout presets

I am looking for a better way of designing settings page, where users can define which layout preset they want to use based on their screen size. Use case 1: I started session on a 27" desktop ...
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Patterns for adjusting settings which may hinder the user's ability to adjust that same setting again

This question is about those self-referential settings where the ability of the user to control a device, say: using a mouse cursor, or viewing it on a monitor screen is itself affected by the ...
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What is a standard way of setting something as default?

I have a list of items a user can pick from. From this list, the user can set a default item. What would be the standard pattern for doing that? Ideas - star an item, add a "Default" badge ...
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Looking for UX pattern for selection that requires opt-in/opt-out option

I am working on a financial app and struggling with the UX in its settings area. The user needs to select with which method he/she wants to login to the app: faceID / fingerprint Only password ...
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How to position the two panels

I have a question about how to arrange 2 panels for one section. Situation: I’m navigating through the settings and the page with user settings is causing me problems. Because there is a hierarchy ...
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